AERA Highlights
AERA Highlights
September 2023

September 2023


Register Now for the 20th Annual Brown Lecture with Leslie Fenwick, October 19
Registration for the 20th Annual Brown Lecture in Education Research, featuring Leslie T. Fenwick, opened this month. Read more

AERA Fellow Michelene T.H. Chi Awarded 2023 Yidan Prize for Education Research
AERA Fellow Michelene T. H. Chi has been named the 2023 Yidan Prize Laureate for Education Research. Read more

AERA Fellow and Leading Psychometrician Lloyd Bond Dies
AERA Fellow Lloyd Bond died on September 28. Read more

Former NCES Commissioner and AERA Member Emerson Elliott Dies
Emerson J. Elliott, former commissioner of the National Center for Education Statistics and an AERA member, died on September 26 at age 89.  Read more

AERA Convenes Education Research Leaders for 2023 AERA-CURI Fall Policy Meeting
On September 11–12, deans and associate deans at colleges of education and leaders at research institutions attended the Fall Policy Meeting of the AERA Consortium of University and Research Institutions in the AERA Convening Center in Washington, D.C. Read more

AERA Will Continue Youth Teams in Education Research Initiative at 2024 Annual Meeting
As part of a two-year pilot, AERA will continue the Youth Teams in Education Research initiative that was introduced at the 2023 Annual Meeting with much success. Read more

Societies Consortium Convening Focuses on Countering Threats to Gender/Race DEI
On September 18–19, AERA participated in the Societies Consortium on Sexual Harassment in STEMM annual convening, “Advancing the Future of STEMM: Transforming the Threat of Gender/Race Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Retrenchment into an Opportunity for Systemic Change.” Read more

AERA Kicks Off 2024 Doctoral Cohort Membership Program
AERA has opened enrollment for the 2024 Doctoral Cohort Membership Program. Read more

AERA is pleased to announce the Call for Nominations for 2024 AERA Fellows.  To nominate an outstanding researcher for Fellow status, please go to the submission site and submit the required materials listed in the Call for Nominations online by the extended deadline of November 30, 11:59 p.m. Pacific Time.

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Research and Science Policy News

AERA Past President Carol Lee Elected Chair of NBES
As part of the September 11 virtual meeting of the National Board for Education Sciences, which oversees the Institute of Education Sciences, board members elected AERA Past President Carol D. Lee to serve as the NBES chair. Read more

NCES Launches Equity in Education Dashboard
On September 14, the National Center for Education Statistics announced the release of the Equity in Education Dashboard. Read more

NAGB Accepting Nominations Through October 31 for Six Appointed Positions
The National Assessment Governing Board is accepting nominations for six open positions—including one for a testing and measurement expert—through October 31. Read more

AERA seeks nominations for the 2024 AERA Awards. The submission deadline for the 2024 AERA-wide awards is Thursday, October 12, 2023, at 11:59 p.m.

AERA Publications News

AERA to Release Book on Educational Inequality from a Global Perspective
This November, AERA will release Inequality in Key Skills of City Youth: An International Comparison, edited by Stephen Lamb and Russell W. Rumberger. Read more

AERA Calls for Submissions

2024 AERA Awards Nominations—Deadline: October 12

AERA Minority Dissertation Fellowship in Education Research—Deadline: November 1. 
 Watch the 2023 Informational Webinar that was held on Thursday, September 14

AERA Youth Teams in Education Research Program—Deadline: November 16

AERA Grants Program: Call for Dissertation and Research Grant Proposals—Deadline: November 20

2024 AERA Fellows Nominations—Deadline: November 30             

AERA Publications Calls

Call for Editors: American Educational Research Journal 2025–2027

Call for Editors: Review of Research in Education 2026, 2028

New on the AERA Website

VIDEO: Michael Bastedo discusses the new AERA Open article “Contextualized High School Performance: Evidence to Inform Equitable Holistic, Test-Optional, and Test-Free Admissions Policies”

VIDEO: Jilli Jung discusses the new EEPA article “The Stubborn Unresponsiveness of Youth Voter Turnout to Civic Education: Quasi-experimental Evidence from State-Mandated Civics Tests”

OP-ED: Jennifer Delaney, editor of the AERA book Volatility in State Spending for Higher Education, examines roller-coaster state spending in an opinion piece for The Chronicle of Higher Education

Beyond AERA

Visit the Beyond AERA webpage for professional advancement opportunities from other organizations, including calls for papers and submissions, meetings and conferences, and other activities.

The National Science Foundation invites proposals for research and implementation projects that advance understanding of sexual or other harassment and inform anti-harassment efforts in STEM.

In Memoriam

AERA members who have recently passed away

Laura Jeanne Quaynor, 41, died on August 30. She was an associate professor at the Johns Hopkins University School of Education, where she chaired the Department of Advanced Studies in Education. She was a member of Divisions F–History & Historiography, G–Social Context of Education, and K–Teaching & Teacher Education, and served as treasurer of the Critical Educators for Social Justice SIG. Read more

Thomas A. Romberg, 90, died on September 3. Prior to retiring in 2005, he was the Bascom Professor of Education for the University of Wisconsin–Madison, as well as the director of the National Center for Research (Teaching and Learning Mathematics) for the U.S. Department of Education. Romberg was an AERA Fellow, co-recipient of the Review of Research Award in 1988, and recipient of the Relating Research to Practice Award in 1991. Read more

AERA in the News

Recent media coverage of AERA and AERA-published research

Colleges look for new and legal ways to help build a diverse first-year class
NPR, September 27

Opinion: The importance of professor and faculty mental health
The Whit Online, September 27

Contextualizing grades could help diversify college admissions
Higher Ed Dive, September 22

What Should We Really Make of Book Bans?
Education Week, September 20

Congress May Soon End SNAP Benefits for College Students. Here’s Why That Matters.
Best Colleges, September 19

Why is it difficult to reform the school calendar in Italy and why are all possible changes rejected?
Italy 24 News, September 19

Putting Admissions in Context
Inside Higher Ed, September 18

Study: Researchers Find Relationship Between Grades and Test Scores Examined in Context of Available Opportunities and College Success
Diverse Issues in Higher Education, September 18

A big education in a small town
El País, September 17

Schools spend billions on training so every student can succeed. They don’t know if it works
USA Today, September 14

Study: CEI Civics Test Policy Ineffective at Improving Youth Voter Turnout
Diverse Issues in Higher Education, September 13

Researchers Used AI to Rezone School Districts. Here’s What They Found
Education Week, September 7

Opinion: High-Tech Tutoring Tools Advance Academic Equity
Government Technology, September 5

More AERA in the News

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