The 12 divisions of AERA are organized to represent major scholarly or scientific areas within education research that add to the field and the Association as determined by the AERA Council.  Under the leadership of a division vice president, each division is responsible for participating in the open call for submissions and planning division-sponsored sessions for the Annual Meeting; sponsoring graduate student seminars and mentoring activities for emerging scholars and junior faculty members; and facilitating ongoing communications among division members through listserv and social media throughout the year.

Division Descriptions 

Division A
Administration, Organization, & Leadership 

Division B
Curriculum Studies 

Division C 
Learning & Instruction 

Division D 
Measurement & Research Methodologies 

Division E 
Counseling & Human Development 

Division F 
History & Historiography 

Division G 
Social Context of Education 

Division H
Research, Evaluation, & Assessment in Schools 

Division I 
Education in the Professions 

Division J
Postsecondary Education 

Division K 
Teaching & Teacher Education 

Division L
Educational Policy & Politics