Division Descriptions
Division Descriptions

Administration, Organization, and Leadership - Division A 
Division A supports an examination of sources and types of educational leadership, including administrators and others inside and outside schools, and the effects of leadership on educational institutions. Division A Website

Curriculum Studies - Division B 
Division B advances theory and research on curriculum as well as the use of research findings in curriculum practice. Division B Website

Learning and Instruction - Division C 
Division C promotes the study of learning and instruction in formal and informal settings across the lifespan and among diverse populations. Division C Website

Measurement and Research Methodology - Division D 
Division D focuses on educational measurement, psychometrics, and assessment; quantitative methods and statistical theory as applied to educational research; and qualitative and evaluation methods as applied to educational research. Division D Website

Counseling and Human Development - Division E 
Division E encourages research on human behavior, development, and interactions across the life span; and promulgates the judicious use of psychosocial and educational procedures in educational settings. Division E Website

History and Historiography - Division F 
Division F explores the history and historiography of education broadly from national, international, and comparative perspectives, and provides historical context for the formation of educational policy. Division F Website

Social Context of Education - Division G 
Division G promotes research on relations between educational processes and the social, political, and economic contexts in which they occur; and advances cross-disciplinary studies. Division G Website

Research, Evaluation, and Assessment in Schools - Division H 
Division H enhances our schools by focusing on applied research, program evaluation, assessment, and accountability. Division H Website

Education in the Professions - Division I 
Division I focuses on the context and conduct of scientific inquiry addressing education for professional practice disciplines (e.g., architecture, engineering, health professions, law, teaching), from the level of higher education through lifelong learning and assessment. Division I Website

Postsecondary Education - Division J 
Division J serves as an international forum for policymakers, faculty, graduate students, and other researchers to promote and advance research, policy, and practice in all areas of postsecondary education. Division J Website

Teaching and Teacher Education - Division K 
Division K focuses on research on teaching and on teacher development and education from preservice through professional induction to the in-service stages of teachers' careers. Division K Website

Educational Policy and Politics - Division L 
Division L stimulates informed and systematic analysis, research, evaluation, and debate about the education policy, including political, economic, legal, and fiscal issues. Division L Website