Association Policies
Association Policies

Social Justice Mission Statement
(Adopted by Council, in June 2004, Reaffirmed January 2006)
As an elaboration of its general research mission, AERA commits itself to promote diversity and inclusiveness in AERA, to promote social justice principles and policies in conducting education research, to promote activities that foster a diverse community of researchers, and to disseminate and promote the use of research knowledge and stimulate interest in research on social justice issues related to education.
Social Justice Mission Statement 

AERA Annual Meeting Site Selection and Review Procedures
(Adopted by Council, 2009)
Site selection for the AERA Annual Meeting, which gathers more than 15,000 attendees each year, is undertaken with thorough consideration of multiple factors, including, but not limited to, geographic and cultural diversity, costs for attendees, available meeting space, and social justice record.
AERA Annual Meeting Site Selection and Review Procedures (PDF)

AERA Policy on Harassment
(Adopted by the Executive Board, October 11, 1997)
The AERA Policy on Harassment emphasizes the Association's commitment to the personal and professional development of all its members and employees and encourages dialogue that will foster their growth, well-being, and dignity.
AERA Policy on Harassment 

AERA Position Taking and Policymaking Processes Guidelines
(Adopted by Council, January 29, 2005)
These Guidelines outline how the Association executes its policymaking function, and specifically examine three domains for policymaking-mission-oriented policy, public policy, and governance policy.
AERA Position Taking and Policymaking Processes Guidelines (PDF)

Conflicts of Interest Policy
(Adopted by Council, January 27, 2008)        
The Conflicts of Interest Policy guides the handling of conflicts of interest or potential conflicts of interest when members of the Association are serving in decision-making positions for the Association. Appendices focus on conflicts of interest for Awards Selection, for the Publications Committee, and for the AERA Books Program and Books Editorial Board.
Conflicts of Interest Policy (PDF)

Conflicts of Interest Policy for Award Selection Committees
(Adopted by Council, June 29, 2006; Incorporated January 27, 2008 in new Conflicts of Interest Policy)
This Council-adopted policy encompasses ethical standards, criteria, and procedures for addressing conflicts of interest or the appearance of conflicts of interest for AERA awards selection.
Conflicts of Interest Policy for Award Selection Committees (PDF)