Graduate Student Council
Graduate Student Council



 (2022-2023 GSC and Division Reps)

AERA is committed to capacity building for & nurturing of future education researchers. AERA is home to more than 7,000 student members, including approximately 6,500 graduate students and 500 undergraduate students.  Students represent over 28% of all AERA members. 

AERA offers a rich array of programs and services for students through its divisions, special interest groups, and the Graduate Student Council, a standing committee of the Association.  Students interested in exploring opportunities in professional development, mentoring, and networking are strongly encouraged to puruse websites of divisions, special interest groups, and the Graduate Student Council for details. 

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Message from the GSC Chair

Dear AERA and Graduate Student Family,

Welcome to the 2022-2023 American Educational Research Association (AERA) Graduate Student Council (GSC). The GSC is a representative body within AERA charged with the task to advocate for graduate students and support them for the next stages in their career.  

These are turbulent times, and we need to lean on each other like never before. All of us are faced with societal grief that has caused us to reflect and reevaluate our position in society and beyond. Student-loan debt, COVID-19 and the expansion of the achievement gap, racial oppression, domestic terrorism, inflation, and gun violence are some of the tragedies plaguing this nation.

As graduate students we are expected to be bright eyed and bushy tailed about what’s possible, but an unfortunate reality is that these days innovation and hopefulness can be bleak. There is an African proverb that I often reflect on, “the sun does not forget a village because it is small.” I appreciate this proverb because it is easy for graduate students to feel small, inept, alone, vulnerable, and so on, but this year my plan is for GSC to be the sun that shines on the small villages that make up our Graduate Student Council.

Together we will focus on the theme “Building, Bonding, and Growing” to support each other and provide resources to assist you in your academic journey. As Chair my goal is to create systems that will support graduate student members to achieve their academic, professional, and community goals. This year the GSC plans to offer opportunities through programming, social events, and informational sessions on trending topics, career training, and special interest.

I believe this is a time for us to be bold in our desire to make education better and more accessible for all students. As an emerging scholar, and as someone who has worked in the field of education for over a decade in various capacities, I am ready and willing to do the work to support my colleagues in the GSC and beyond, but I can’t do it alone. It is critical for all of us to be committed to the charge of making our academic journey brighter and better. As your 2022-2023 Chair, I plan to bring bold vision, energy, and action to this role because together, we are AERA.

With gratitude,
Andii Layton


AERA 2023 Graduate Student Research

AERA to Hold Graduate Student Research-in-Progress Roundtable Series at 2023 Annual Meeting—Application Deadline: January 9, 2023

AERA will pilot a new initiative at the 2023 Annual Meeting called the Graduate Student Research-in-Progress Roundtable Series (RiP). The series will expand opportunities for graduate students to present and discuss their work-in-progress. It will provide a formal presentation opportunity for graduate students who are actively engaged in research but not yet ready to advance a paper submission in response to the 2023 Call for Submissions.

For more information please click the following link -

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Graduate Student Council
The Graduate Student Council has five major responsibilities:
(1) Annual Meeting Planning 
(2) Student Advocacy
(3) Information Dissemination
(4) Community Building
(5) Self Governance
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