GSC Officers & Representatives
GSC Officers & Representatives



The Graduate Student Council (GSC) of the American Educational Research Association (AERA) is a committee provided in the Bylaws of the AERA.

According to Article III Section 2 of the Bylaws, two graduate student representatives selected by each division, according to procedures reviewed and approved by the Association Council, shall constitute a committee known as the GSC.

All members of the GSC must be eligible Graduate Student Members at the time of their appointment and shall maintain that status throughout their term. The GSC shall plan and coordinate activities that advance the professional interests of graduate students in the Association based on policies and procedures approved by the Association Council.

Officers of the GSC shall be elected in a manner approved by the AERA Council. 



AERA Graduate Student Council Officers 



2022 - 2023 Division






















































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GSC Officers & Representatives Contact Information


Andii Layton | Chair
Nicole Johnson | Chair-Elect
Vacant | Past Chair
Vacant | Sr. Newsletter Editor
Joy Anogwih | Jr. Newsletter Editor
Luke Parker | Social Media & Website Editor
Antoinette Waller | Secretary/Historian
Tanjin Ashraf | Sr. Campus Outreach Coordinator
Valencia Belle | Jr. Campus Outreach Coordinator
Janelle Grant | Sr. Program Chair
Yixuan Wang | Jr. Program Chair


The Statement of Purpose
The Graduate Student Council has five major responsibilities: annual meeting planning, student advocacy, information dissemination, community building, and self governance.

The mission of The Graduate Student Council (GSC) is to facilitate and promote the transition from graduate student to professional researcher and/or practitioner by providing opportunities within AERA for growth, development and advancement. In addition, the Graduate Student Council seeks to help graduate students navigate the obstacles, rewards, challenges, and support networks of academic life. Further, the Graduate Student Council will carry out the mission of AERA through the research, scholarship, and professional endeavors of graduate students. For more details about the GSC, GSC activities within AERA and beyond, click on the links on the left and check out the GSC Newsletter in our Newsletters section.