Division Awards
Division Awards
Division Awards


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2016 Division Award Winners 

Division A: Administration, Organization, and Leadership
Emerging Scholar Award: Melissa Martinez
Excellence in Research Award: Martha McCarthy
Outstanding Dissertation Award: Steven John Courtney

Division B: Curriculum Studies
Ella Baker/Septima Clark Human Rights Award: Mariame Kaba
Lifetime Achievement Award: Carl A. Grant and Petra Munro Hendry
Outstanding Book Award: Carl A. Grant, Ke relyn D. Brown, and Anthony L. Brown
Outstanding Dissertation Award: Leilani Sabzalian

Division C: Learning and Instruction
Early Career Award: Amanda Goodwin
Graduate Student Research Excellence Award: Logan Fiorella
Jan Hawkins Award: Paulo Blikstein
Outstanding Poster Award: Nicole Scalise
Sylvia Scribner Award: Karen Harris

Division D: Measurement and Research Methodology
Early Career Award in Measurement and Research Methodology: Elizabeth Tipton
Robert L. Linn Distinguished Address Award: Richard Shavelson
Signi cant Contribution to Educational Measurement and Research Methodology Award: Duanli Yan, Alina A. von Davier, and Charles Lewis
Outstanding Quantitative Dissertation Award: Yang Liu

Division E: Counseling and Human Development
Distinguished Research Award in Counseling: Dewey Cornell, Francis Huang

Division F: History and Historiography
Best Paper by a Graduate Student in History of Education: Matthew G. Kelly

Division G: Social Context of Education
Distinguished Contributions to Social Contexts in Education Research – Lifetime Achievement Award: Richard Ruiz
Early Career Award: David E. Kirkland
Henry T. Trueba Award for Research Leading to the Transformation of the Social Contexts of Education: Cynthia B. Dillard
Mentoring Award: Na’ilah Suad Nasir
Distinguished Dissertation Award: Shameka N. Powell

Division H: Research, Evaluation, and Assessment in Schools
Applied Research Award – Advances in Methodology: Avi Feller, Todd Grindal, Luke Miratrix, and Lindsay Page
Applied Research Award – Applied Research Reports: Lisa Schmitt and Shaun Hutchins
Communicating Research, Accountability, Evaluation, and/or Assessment to Lay Audiences Award: Lisa Schmitt
Program Evaluation Award: Elizabeth Cooper-Martin and Natalie Wolanin
Outstanding Dissertation Award: Edward F. Sloat

Division I: Education in the Professions
New Investigator Award: Hoping Hao
Outstanding Research Publication Award: Lara Varpio, Kathy Day, Pat Elliot-Miller, James W. King, Craig Kuziemsky, Avi Parush, Tyson Ro ey, and Judy Rashotte

Division J: Postsecondary Education
Outstanding Poster Award: Teniell L. Trolian and Gwendolyn Archibald
Outstanding Publication Award: Estela Bensimon, Brian Pusser, Ana Martinez-Aleman, and Alicia Dowd
Dissertation Award: Amelia Marcetti Topper and Amanda R. Tachine

Division K: Teaching and Teacher Education
Early Career Award: Higinio Domínguez
Exemplary Research in Teaching and Teacher Education Award: Karen R. Harris, Steve Graham, and Mary Adkins
Legacy Award: Etta R. Hollins
Mid-Career Award: Yolanda Sealey-Ruiz
Research on Innovations in Addressing Issues of Diversity in Teaching and Teacher Education Award: Eva Zygmunt, Patricia Clark, Kristin Cipollone, Jon Clausen, Wilfridah Mucherah, and Susan Tancock
Outstanding Dissertation Award: Nicole L. Louie amd Olena Aydarova

Division L: Educational Policy and Politics
Early Career Award: Judith Scott-Clayton
Outstanding Educational Policy Report Award: Daniel Losen, Cheri Hodsen, Michael Keith, Katrina Morrison, and Shakti Belway
Dissertation Award: Daniela Torre