Review of Research
Review of Research
Review of Research Award

2021 Award Recipient


Adam Alvarez
Rowan University

Alvarez, A. (2020). Seeing Race in the Research on Youth Trauma and Education: A Critical Review. Review of Educational Research, 90(5), 583-626.

This chapter brings a much-needed racialization lens to research and theory about trauma and education. Dr. Alvarez seems to effortlessly weave together scholarship from a variety of disciplinary perspectives to shed light on the role of structural racism in student experiences of and responses to trauma, as well as educators’ assessments of those responses and the interventions we design. The committee was deeply compelled by the potential of this review to advance discourse, research, and practice in education. By centering a need for race-consciousness on the part of both educators and the researchers, Dr. Alvarez reframes trauma away from implicitly deficit-based narratives. He positions it instead as a racial equity issue and a matter of institutional responsibility, providing concrete recommendations and reflections for the education research community 

The Review of Research Award recognizes the most outstanding research review article published in the Review of Educational Research (RER) or the Review of Research in Education (RRE). The elements of an outstanding research review include: (1) significance of the contribution to advancing knowledge, (2) transparency of the methods and scope of research included in the review, and (3) uniqueness in addressing new or novel bodies of research or integrating distinctive areas. The award is granted based on substantial merit, as determined by the selection committee. The committee considers all articles published in RRE and RER published in the volume year immediately preceding the year in which the award is conferred.

Past Recipients

2020 - Francis A. Pearman, II
2019 - Seth A Parsons, Margaret Vaughn, Roya Qualls Scales, Melissa A. Gallagher, Allison Ward Parsons, Stephanie G. Davis, Melissa Pierczynski, and  Melony Allen
2018 - Katherine Muenks, David B. Miele
2017 - Alfredo J. Artiles
2017 - Sherman Dorn
2017 - Aydin Bal
2016 - Eve Manz
2015 - Jeanne M. Powers
2014 - Michael A. Lawson and Hal A. Lawson
2013 - Odis Johnson Jr.
2012 - David Scott Yeager and Gregory Mariotti Walton
2011 - James G. Ladwig
2010 - Francois Victor Tochon
2009 - Robert E. Slavin and Cynthia Lake
2008 - Tina Seidel and Richard J. Shavelson
2007 - Harris M. Cooper, Jorgianne Civey Robinson, & Erika A. Patall
2006 - Selcuk R. Sirin
2005 - Mark E. Engberg
2004 - Geoffrey T. Borman, Gina M. Hewes, Laura T. Overman, & Shelly Brown
2003 - Mark Windschitl
2002 - Karen M. LaParo & Robert C. Pianta
2001 - John D. Bransford & Daniel L. Schwartz
2000 - Marvin Wideen, Jolie Mayer-Smith & Barbara Moon
1999 - Barbara K. Hofer & Paul R. Pintrich
1998 - Jill Fitzgerald
1997 - Rob Greenwald, Larry Hedges & Richard Laine
1996 - Mark Smylie
1995 - No Award Given
1994 - James A. Banks
1993 - Judith D. Singer, Gary Sykes & John B. Willett
1992 - Susan Klein, David Sadker & Myra Sadker
1991 - Gary L. Anderson
1990 - James W. Stigler & Ruth Barnes
1989 - Mary M. Kennedy
1988 - Thomas A. Romberg & Thomas P. Carpenter
1987 - Carl F. Kaestle
1986 - Richard K. Wagner & Robert J. Sternberg
1985 - Linda Darling-Hammond, Arthur Wise & Sara Pease
1984 - Noreen M. Webb
1983 - Deborah J. Stipek & John R. Weisz
1982 - John W. Thomas
1981 - Robert F. Boruch & Paul M. Wortman
1980 - Cristina Bratt Paulston
1979 - Herman A. Witkin, Carol Moore, Donald R. Goodenough & Patricia W. Cox
1978 - Richard J. Shavelson, Judith L. Hubner & George C. Stanton




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