Presidential Citation
Presidential Citation


2018 Recipients

Presidential Citations by AERA President Deborah Loewenberg Ball


Sharon Feiman-Nemser
Brandeis University
Dr. sharoN FeiMaN-NeMser. This citation recognizes Dr. Feiman-Nemser for her development of and leadership in innovative teacher education programs and her distinguished research on teacher preparation and learning. Through her scholarship and practice, she has forged new conceptual frameworks in core areas of teacher preparation—teacher curriculum and pedagogy, mentoring and new teacher induction, Jewish education, learning to teach, professional development of teachers—that are now central to the field. The indelible mark of her perspective, research, and mentorship is evident in the scholars and practitioners she has advised and worked with across her distinguished career, many of whom have gone on to be leaders and to conduct their own groundbreaking research. Her visionary focus on teacher learning and practice, coupled with her remarkable generosity in working with emerging scholars, have transformed the field of teacher education.

Carol D. Lee
Northwestern University
Dr. carol D. lee. This citation recognizes Dr. Lee for her groundbreaking research on cultural supports for learning that bridge and also contribute to building education practice, theory, and research. Her influential scholarship on cultural modeling deeply connects race, teaching practice, disciplinary knowledge and activity, and the cultural resources of urban Black youth. Dr. Lee is imaginative and bold, crossing boundaries, building connections, and challenging constraints, as she weaves together learning theory and cultural perspectives on language and literacy with her core commitment to the flourishing of Black children. She is fundamentally a teacher—an English language arts teacher at the high school and community college levels, an elementary teacher, and a university professor—and her generosity as a scholar has inspired so many in the field. Dr. Lee’s visionary work shows how fundamental research can be inseparable from the challenges and hopes of practice.


Past Recipients

2017 - Alfredo J. Artiles, Henry T. Frierson and Gloria J. Ladson-Billings by AERA President Vivian L. Gadsden

2016 - Amy Stuart Wells and John S. Rogers by AERA President Jeannie Oakes

2015 - Etta R. Hollins and Adelaide L. Sanford by AERA President Joyce E. King

2014 - Larry V. Hedges and Felice J. Levine by AERA President Barbara Schneider

2013 - Shirley Brice Heath, Yvonne Sessions Lincoln, and John Brooks Slaughter by AERA President William G. Tierney

2012 - Kofi Lomotey, Cynthia A. Tyson and Rick R. McCown by AERA President Arnetha Ball

2011 -  Linda Darling-Hammond, Patricia Gandara and Mike Rose by AERA President Kris D. Gutiérrez

2010 - Luis C. Moll, Geoffrey B. Saxe, and William F. Tate by AERA President Carol D. Lee

2009 - Richard J. Shavelson and Carol H. Weiss by AERA President Lorraine M. McDonnell

2008 - Walter R. Allen, Patricia F. Campbell, and John Q. Easton by AERA President William F. Tate

2007 - Edmund W. Gordon and Robert E. Stake by AERA President Eva L. Baker

2006 - Beverly M. Gordon by AERA President Gloria Ladson-Billings

2005 - Ann Lieberman by AERA President Marilyn Cochran-Smith

2004 - Ralph J. Putnam by AERA President Hilda Borko

2003 - Robert Glaser by AERA President Robert L. Linn

2002 - Fred Neumann, Lloyd Bond, and Mike Smith by AERA President Andrew C. Porter

2000 - Pat Graham by AERA President Lorrie A. Shepard

1998 - Elizabeth Cohen by AERA President James A. Banks

1997 - Elizabeth Fennema by AERA President Penelope L. Peterson

1995 - James Comer, M.D. by AERA President Jane A. Stallings

1994 - Jerome Brunner by AERA President Ann L. Brown 
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