Excellence In Media Reporting On Education Research Award
Excellence In Media Reporting On Education Research Award
Excellence In Media Reporting On Education Research Award

2024 Award Recipient

Sarah Dockery Sparks
Education Week

The 2024 Excellence in Media Reporting on Education Research Award goes to Sarah D. Sparks. Ms. Sparks is an award-winning journalist who has covered education research for Education Week since 2010. She skillfully translates scholarship, making it accessible to broader audiences. This past year, Sparks developed a nine-story series on “Miscalculating Math.” Reporting is not just Ms. Sparks’ job, it’s her life’s work. She mentors other reporters, and actively participates in AERA and the Institute of Education Sciences. Ms. Sparks’ journalist tools are thoughtful and thought-provoking. She brings diverse stakeholders and viewpoints into each story to report with accuracy and complexity. She is most deserving of this honor.

The Excellence in Media Reporting on Education Research Award is presented annually to an individual in the media who has demonstrated excellence in raising awareness, knowledge, and understanding of education research. Recipients of this award are persons who have made noteworthy contributions to reporting on findings, bodies of research, or scholarship in the field of education research in any medium of public communication. The award honors a media professional whose work exemplifies promoting a broader vision of the value of education research to society, whether sustained over a long period of time or substantial in its significance. 

Past Recipients
2023 - Natalie Moore
2022 - Anya Kamanetz
2021 - Nikole Hannah-Jones
2020 - Award not conferred
2019 - Jill Barshay
2018 - Matt Barnum
2017 - Emily Hanford
2016 - John Merrow


Call for Award Nominations

AERA is now accepting nominations for the 2025 AERA Awards. The submission deadline is Wednesday, October 9, 2024, at 11:59 p.m. Pacific Time.