Palmer O. Johnson Memorial Award
Palmer O. Johnson Memorial Award
Palmer O. Johnson Memorial Award

2020 Award Recipients 

Carolyn J. Heinrich
Vanderbilt University 
Jennifer Darling-Aduana
University of Wisconsin - Madison
Annalee Good
Vanderbilt University
Huiping (Emily) Cheng
University of Wisconsin - Madison

Heinrich, C. J., Darling-Aduana, J., Good, A., & Cheng, H. (2019). A look inside online educational settings in high school: Promise and pitfalls for improving educational opportunities and outcomes. American Educational Research Journal56(6), 2147-2188.

This multi-layered, mixed methods study is an extraordinary example of the power of the genre.  Drawing on 7 million records of online instructional sessions linked to student records, the authors were able to examine both short-term (course pass rates) and medium-term (growth on achievement tests) outcomes in a large urban district, and  identify which students were able to benefit from online instructions. Qualitative methods allowed the authors to identify that insufficient instructional support was provided for the traditionally marginalized, less well prepared students, who were most likely to be assigned to these courses and least likely to benefit from them. The committee found the research to be comprehensive in its scope and depth, carefully executed, and extremely timely, providing critical policy guidance for districts  engaged in online instruction. 

This award is in recognition of the lifelong achievement of Palmer O. Johnson as a dedicated educator, and further in recognition of his pioneer work in educational research and methodology. His former colleagues and students founded this award to be given for an outstanding article appearing in an AERA-sponsored publication. It was first awarded in 1967 for an article appearing in the American Educational Research Journal. In 2000, the scope of articles eligible for the award was expanded to include those published in the American Educational Research Journal, the Journal for Educational and Behavioral Statistics, Educational Evaluation and Policy Analysis, and Educational Researcher. Since 2017, AERA Open articles are also considered for this award.     

Past Recipients             

2019 - Shayne L. Campbell and Mathhew Rondeldt 
2018 - Sarah Dryden-Peterson, Negin Dahya, and Elizabeth Adelman
2017 - Katharine M. Broton
2017 - Sara Goldrick-Rab
2017 - James Benson
2016 - James D. Anderson

2015 - Matthew A. Kraft
2015 - John P. Papay
2014 - Liliana Garces
2013 - Andrew Ho and Sean F. Reardon
2012 - Alfredo J. Artiles
2011 - Luis C. Moll
2010 - Arnetha F. Ball             
2009 - Mark C. Long and Marta Tienda
2008 - Geoffrey D. Borman, Robert E. Slavin, Alan C. K. Cheung, Anne M. Chamberlain, Nancy A. Madden, and Bette Chambers
2007 - Ray McDermott, Shelley Goldman, and  Hervé Varenne
2006 - Cynthia Coburn
2005 - Kevin G. Welner and Haggai Kupermintz 
2004 - Deborah Loewenberg Ball, David K. Cohen, and Stephen W. Raudenbush
2003 - Fred M. Newman, BetsAnn Smith, Elaine Allensworth, and Anthony S. Bryk
2002 - Barbara Nye, Larry V. Hedges, and Spyros Konstantopoulos
2001 - Joseph Kahne and Kim Bailey
2000 - Ron Avi Astor, Heather Ann Meyer, and William J. Behre
1999 - Robert J. Sternberg
1998 - Douglas Fuchs, Lynn Fuchs, Patricia Mathes and  Deborah Simmons
1997 - Jeannie Oakes and Gretchen Guiton
1996 - Gloria Ladson-Billings
1995 - Bernard Weiner
1994 - Lorrie Shepard
1993 - John Smyth
1992 - Linda F. Winfield
1991 - Yeow Meng Thum and Anthony S. Bryk
1990 - Richard Murnane, Judith D. Singer & John B. Willett
1989 - Gaea Leinhardt, and Ralph Putnam
1988 - Robert B. Slavin
1987 - Edward H. Haertel
1986 - Henry I. Braun and Ted H. Szatrowski
1985 - Bruce D. Spencer
1984 - Kenneth D. Hopkins
1983 - Jere Brophy
1982 - John R. Bergan
1981 - Joseph T. Lawton & Susan K. Wanska
1980 - Penelope L. Peterson & Christopher M. Clark
1979 - Richard C. Anderson, Ralph E. Reynolds, Diane L. Schallert, and Ernest T. Goetz
1978 - No Award Given
1977 - Pinchas Tamir
1976 - Kenneth O. Doyle, Jr. & Susan E. Whitely
1975 - No Award Given
1974 - Richard C. Anderson and Raymond Kulhavy
1973 - Joel R. Levin, William D. Rohwer, Jr., T. Anne Cleary, and Paul A. Games
1972 - Leonard Marascuilo and  Joel R. Levin
1971 - Janet D. Elashoff, Gene V. Glass, Ralph A. Hakstian, Tse-Chi Hsu, and  Leonard S. Feldt
1970 - Gene V. Glass and  Glenn H. Bracht
1969 - James G. Holland
1968 - Wells Hively II
1967 - Patrick Suppes and Elliot W. Eisner






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