Division Awards
Division Awards
Division Awards


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2023 Division Award Winners 

Division A: Administration, Organization, and Leadership
Excellence in Research Award: Khalid Arar
Emerging Scholar Award: Mollie McQuillan and Nakia M. Gray-Nicolas
Outstanding Dissertation Award: Cheyenne E. Batista, Sarah Odell, and Kate Kennedy

Division B: Curriculum Studies
Lifetime Achievement Award: Geneva Gay and Cameron R. McCarthy
Outstanding Book Award: Boni Wozolek, Sandro R. Barros, Rafael Ocasio, and Angela L. Willis
Outstanding Dissertation Award: Lucy M. El-Sherif

Division C: Learning and Instruction
Graduate Student Research Excellence Award: Eileen McGivney
Jan Hawkins Award for Early Career: Ricarose Roque
Outstanding Early Career Scholar Award: Stephen Aguilar
Sylvia Scribner Award: Sandra Graham

Division D: Measurement and Research Methodologies
Early Career Award (Quantitative Methods and Statistical Theory): Zuchao Shen
In-Progress Research Award: Ashani Jayasekera, Kathryn Watson, Marisol Massó, and Janelle Clay
Outstanding Dissertation Award (Quantitative Methodology): Xiao Liu
Robert L. Linn Distinguished Address Award: Noreen M. Webb
Significant Contributions to Research Methodology Award (Multiple and Mixed Methodologies): Cheryl Poth and Peggy Shannon-Baker

Division E: Counseling and Human Development
Distinguished Research Award: Joseph M. Williams, Janice A. Byrd, Ahmad R. Washington, Daniel Cinotti, Robert Feirsen, Carol A. Dahir, and Nayoung Kim
Outstanding Dissertation Award: Ananya Tiwari

Division F: History and Historiography
New Scholar’s Book Award: John Frederick Bell
Graduate Student Paper Award: Nathan Tanner

Division G: Social Context of Education
Lifetime Achievement Award: Dr. Tara J. Yosso and Dr. Kofi Lomotey
Distinguished Dissertation Award: Dr. Dawn M. Demps and Dr. Mayra Puente
Early Career Award: Dr. Derron Wallace
Henry T. Trueba Award for Research Leading to the Transformation of the Social Contexts of Education: Dr. María Paula Ghiso, Dr. Gerald Campano, and members of the Communities Advancing Research in Education (CARE) Initiative
Mentoring Award: Dr. Patricia Baquedano-López

Division H: Research, Evaluation, and Assessment in Schools
Outstanding Publications Award: Advances in Methodology: Amy K. Clark, Megan Mulvihill, Jennifer Kobrin, and W. Jake Thompson
Outstanding Publications Award: Applied Research Reports: Baeksan Yu, Henrik Zachrisson, Rosa Cheesman, Eivind Ystrom, and Ragnhild Bang Nes
Outstanding Publications Award: Outstanding Dissertation/Thesis: Aakash Chowkase
Outstanding Publications Award: Communicating Research, Accountability, Evaluation and/or Assessment to Lay Audiences: Serena Halstead, Julie Molique, Mellisa Smith, and Spencer Ziegler
Outstanding Publications Award: Program Evaluation: Violet Ford, Beth Holland, and Beth Rabbitt

Division I: Education in the Professions
Established Investigator Award: Mary Roduta Roberts, PhD
New Investigator Award: Jason Scott, MPP
Distinguished Career Award: Steven J. Durning, MD, PhD
Outstanding Research Publication Award: Article: Dina Verdin, PhD, Jessica M. Smith, PhD, and Juan C. Lucena, PhD

Division J: Postsecondary Education
Exemplary Research Award: Shaun R. Harper
Outstanding Dissertation Award: Taylor K. Odle
Outstanding Publication Award: Mary Blair-Loy and Erin A. Cech

Division K: Teaching and Teacher Education
Early Career Award: Idalia Nuñez
Exemplary Research in Teaching and Teacher Education Award: Rita Kohli
Innovations in Research on Equity & Social Justice in Teacher Education: Berkeley Teacher Education Program
Legacy Award: A. Lin Goodwin
Mid-Career Award: Betina Hsieh
Outstanding Dissertation Award: Tasha Austin

Division L: Educational Policy and Politics
Early Career Award in Educational Policy and Politics: Kevin Lawrence Henry, Jr.
Outstanding Short Policy Report in Educational Policy and Politics Award: Mollie T. McQuillan, Sherie Hohs, Jennifer Herdina, Xue Gong, and Erin K. Gill
Outstanding Dissertation Award in Educational Policy and Politics Award: Qualitative: Eupha Jeanne Daramola
Outstanding Dissertation Award in Educational Policy and Politics Award: Quantitative: Rachel M. Perera

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