2024 Division Awards
2024 Division Awards
Division Awards

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2024 Division Award Winners 

Division A: Administration, Organization, and Leadership
Excellence in Research Award: Meredith I. Honig and Muhammad Khalifa; Honorable Mention: Sarah Diem
Outstanding Dissertation Award: Meghan Comstock; Honorable Mention: Racquel L. Armstrong and Kimberly Sterin
Emerging Scholar Award: Osly J. Flores and Jeff Walls

Division B: Curriculum Studies
Lifetime Achievement Award: Gregory Dimitriadis
Outstanding Book Award: Petra Munro Hendry; Honorable Mention: Bretton Varga, Rebecca Christ, Boni Fernandes Wozolek, and Timothy Monreal
Outstanding Dissertation Award: Charnell C. Long

Division C: Learning and Instruction
Graduate Student Research Excellence Award: Macy Bowman
Jan Hawkins Award for Early Career: Cassie J. Brownell
Outstanding Early Career Scholar Award: Kristy A. Robinson
Sylvia Scribner Award: Bethany Rittle-Johnson

Division D: Measurement and Research Methodologies
In-Progress Research Award: Nicolas Mireles, Dukjae Lee, and Eduardo J. Crespo Cruz
Early Career Award in Multiple and Mixed Methods Research: 
Outstanding Dissertation Award: Giovani P. Dazzo and Alberto Guzman-Alvarez
Robert L. Linn Distinguished Address Award: Guillermo Solano-Flores and Rebecca Zwick
Significant Contributions to Research Methodology Award: Derek Briggs, Mark Leonard Davison, David J. Weiss, Joseph N. DeWeese, Ozge Ersan, Gina Biancarosa, and Patrick C. Kennedy

Division E: Counseling and Human Development
Distinguished Research Award - Counseling: Dr. Michael D. Hannon
Distinguished Research Award - Human Development: Dr. Charlotte Agger
Outstanding Dissertation Award in Human Development: Dr. Linxi Lu
Outstanding Dissertation Award - Counseling: Dr. Maritza Cha

Division G: Social Context of Education
Distinguished Dissertation Award: Dr. Mary Senyonga and Dr. Rhoda Rae Gutierrez
Early Career Award: Dr. Grace D. Player
Henry T. Trueba Award for Research Leading to the Transformation of the Social Contexts of Education: Thea Abu El-Haj and David O. Garcia
Mentoring Award: Jill Koyama
Lifetime Achievement Award: Dr. Prudence Carter

Division H: Research, Evaluation, and Assessment in Schools
Outstanding Publications Award - Applied Research Reports: Fernanda A. Castellón, Alexandra Sturm, and Connie Kasari
Outstanding Publications Award - Outstanding Dissertation/Thesis: Lei Wang
Outstanding Publications Award - Program Evaluation: Anisa Rhea
Outstanding Publications Award - Assessment and Accountability: Chester Holland, Akisha Osei Sarfo, Brian Garcia, and Ray Hart
Outstanding Publications Award - Communicating Research, Accountability, Evaluation and/or Assessment: J. S. Puller, Elaine M. Allensworth, Camille Farrington, Vanessa Gutiérrez, Shelby Mahaffie, Jenny Nagaoka, Shanette Porter, Alex Seeskin, W. David Stevens, Marisa de la Torre, and Alexandra Usher

Division I: Education in the Professions
Established Investigator Award: Tracy Fulton
New Investigator Award: Hannah Kakara Anderson
Outstanding Research Publication Award for an Article: Michael J. Arnold, Ting Dong, Robert Liotta, Aaron A. Saguil, and Steven J. During
Outstanding Research Publication Award for a Book: Aditya Johri

Division J: Postsecondary Education
Exemplary Research Award: Adrianna Kezar
Outstanding Dissertation Award: Dr. Ty C. McNamee; Honorable Mention: Dr. Stephan C. Hiller
Outstanding Publication Award: Mayra Puente and Verónica N. Vélez

Division K: Teaching and Teacher Education
Early Career Award: Dr. Danielle Filipiak; Honorable Mention: Dr. Jon Wargo and Dr. Nathaniel Bryan
Exemplary Research in Teaching and Teacher Education Award: Dr. April Baker-Bell
Innovations in Research on Equity and Social Justice in Teaching and Teacher Education Award: Dr. Sohyun An, Dr. Noreen Naseem Rodriguez, and Dr. Esther June Kim
Mid-Career Award: Dr. Bettina Love and Dr. Patricia Martinez-Alvarez
Outstanding Dissertation Award: Dr. Mariah Deans Harmon and Dr. Brittany Jones

Division L: Educational Policy and Politics
Lifetime Achievement Award: Jeffrey R. Henig
Outstanding Dissertation Award in Educational Policy and Politics: Rachel Williams
Outstanding Long Policy Report in Educational Policy and Politics Award: Bianca N. Haro, Jamelia Harris, Hoang Pham, Mary Louise Frampton, Lawrence Winn, Jeremy Prim, Danfeng Soto-Vigil Koon, Seenae Chong, Danielle Huddlestun, and Cecelia Jordan


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