SIG Directory
SIG Directory
Special Interest Groups (SIGs) - 2019-2020

This directory of AERA SIGs is in alphabetical order. Websites & email addresses, when available, are listed. Although we check this page for errors frequently if you should notice a non-working link please let us know. If your SIG is interested in creating or moving its webpage to the AERA website, please let us know.

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Accreditation, Assessment, and Program Evaluation in Education Preparation (SIG #174)
Purpose: The purpose of the SIG is the accumulation and interpretation of research findings associated with CAEP accreditation, state review processes, or assessment and evaluation of the graduates of educator preparation programs and the quality of the programs themselves.
Contact: Diana B. Lys, University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill, Chapel Hill, NC,
Dues: $5.00 (1 yr)
Action Research (SIG #2)
Purpose: The Action Research SIG builds community among those who are engaged in action research and those who teach others to do action research. This is accomplished through dialog about professional development strategies, educational practices and theory, and methods of action research.
Contact: Andrea C. Burrows, University of Wyoming, Laramie, WY,
Dues: $10.00 (1 yr)
Adolescence and Youth Development (SIG #3)
Purpose: To bring together educators, researchers, and youth advocates interested in examining ways to improve upon the experiences, behaviors, and perceptions of adolescence and youth as they develop over time. This SIG includes a cross section of researchers interested in diverse topics associated with adolescence and youth development.
Contact: Karlyn R. Adams-Wiggins, Portland State University, Portland, OR,
Dues: $10.00 (1 yr); students $5.00 (1 yr)
Adult Literacy and Adult Education (SIG #4)
Purpose: Dedicated to research development, policy, and practice in adult literacy and adult education. This SIG takes an interdisciplinary, lifespan perspective on learning and instruction among diverse populations.
Contact: M Cecil Smith, West Virginia University, Morgantown, WV,
Dues: $10.00 (1 yr); students $5.00 (1 yr)
Advanced Studies of National Databases (SIG #6)
Purpose: To advance knowledge of the contexts and practices of education through facilitating awareness and understanding of the rigorous research methods required for valid and reliable analysis of national and state level databases.
Contact: Amy H. Rathbun, American Institutes for Research, Arlington, VA,
Dues: $6.00 (1 yr)
Advanced Technologies for Learning (SIG #7)
Purpose: To design new technologies that structure educational environments and transform educational practice, and to help the AERA community understand and influence the use of advanced technologies.
Contact: Cynthia M. D'Angelo, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Champaign, IL,
Dues: $10.00 (1 yr); students $5.00 (1 yr)
Arts and Inquiry in the Visual and Performing Arts in Education (SIG #53)
Purpose: This international inter-disciplinary SIG offers a space for visual artworks, live performance and theoretical/conceptual praxis, facilitating a platform for artistic researchers and practitioners.
Contact: Aaron Thomas Bodle, James Madison University, Harrisonburg, VA,
Dues: $10.00 (1 yr); students $5.00 (1 yr)
Arts and Learning (SIG #8)
Purpose: Recent themes include: arts performance and process in curriculum; arts integration, assessment, and criticism; cultural issues; semiotics creative process; aesthetic education; alternative research methodologies; and constructivism.
Contact: Matt Omasta, Utah State University, Logan, UT,
Dues: $10.00 (1 yr); students $7.00 (1 yr)
Arts-Based Educational Research (SIG #9)
Purpose: To provide a community for those who view education through artistic lenses, who use a variety of arts-based methodologies, and who communicate understandings through diverse genres.
Contact: Kakali Bhattacharya, University of Florida, Gainesville, FL,
Dues: $10.00 (1 yr); students $5.00 (1 yr)
Bilingual Education Research (SIG #12)
Purpose: To promote research in bilingual education and to provide a forum for innovative approaches in this field of inquiry. This SIG addresses all ethnoliguistically diverse groups.
Contact: Veronica E. Valdez, University of Utah, Salt Lake City, UT,
Dues: $15.00 (1 yr)
Biographical and Documentary Research (SIG #13)
Purpose: To explore methodological issues in biographical and documentary research.
Contact: KaaVonia Hinton, Old Dominion University, Norfolk, VA,
Dues: $5.00 (1 yr)
Bourdieu in Educational Research (SIG-in-Formation) (SIG #185)
Purpose: To provide a space for those interested in Bourdieu’s oeuvre where we explore and reflect on the use of his theories and concepts.
Contact: Garth Stahl, University of South Australia, Adelaide, Australia,; Laura Scholes, Australian Catholic University, Brisbane , Australia,
Dues: $5.00 (1 yr)
Brain, Neurosciences, and Education (SIG #14)
Purpose: Provides a venue for research in the neurosciences that may inform and inspire educational research, and for rigorous educational research thus informed.
Contact: Ron Tzur, University of Colorado - Denver, Westminster, CO,
Dues: $30.00 (1 yr); students $20.00 (1 yr)
Career and Technical Education (SIG #134)
Purpose: To discuss topics in vocational/career and technical education, career development, human resource development, career issues in the schools (Grades K-12), postsecondary education, adult and lifelong learning, and workforce education.
Contact: Jeno Rivera, Michigan State University, East Lansing, MI,
Dues: $5.00 (1 yr)
Caribbean and African Studies in Education (SIG #86)
Purpose: To encourage, conduct, coordinate, and disseminate research on education within and between Caribbean and African countries.
Contact: Anica G. Bowe, Oakland University, Rochester, MI,
Dues: $15.00 (1 yr); students $10.00 (1 yr)
Catholic Education (SIG #175)
Purpose: To support, promote, and disseminate information, research, and evaluation of Catholic education written from a diverse set of perspectives, including interdisciplinary and international issues.
Contact: Melodie Marie Wyttenbach, Boston College, Chestnut Hill, MA,
Dues: $10.00 (1 yr)
Chaos and Complexity Theories (SIG #17)
Purpose: To apply, advance, and extend chaos and complexity theories to inquiry, research, and theory related to educational contexts.
Contact: Eugene Gary Kowch, Jr., University of Calgary, Calgary, Canada,
Dues: $9.00 (1 yr); students $5.00 (1 yr)
Charters & School Choice (SIG #142)
Purpose: To promote and disseminate information, research, and evaluation of charter schools written from a diverse set of perspectives.
Contact: Charisse Atibagos Gulosino, University of Memphis, Aptos, CA,
Dues: $15.00 (1 yr); students $10.00 (1 yr)
Classroom Assessment (SIG #18)
Purpose: The purposes of the SIG are to promote student learning through improved classroom assessment practices; to assist teachers in improving their classroom assessment practices and understand why it is essential to do so. To achieve these purposes, the SIG includes among its goals the promotion of quality research into classroom assessment practices, using all legitimate research approaches and methods, and the active collaboration with other SIGs and AERA divisions who share an interest in promoting research into classroom assessment.
Contact: Christopher DeLuca, Queen's University - Kingston, Kingston, Canada,
Dues: $10.00 (1 yr); students $7.00 (1 yr)
Classroom Management (SIG #19)
Purpose: To promote research on classroom organization and management, alternative discipline models, group and learner social interactions, and approaches to teacher education.
Contact: Nancy Jo Schafer, Georgia State University, Atlanta, GA,
Dues: $15.00 (1 yr); students $5.00 (1 yr)
Classroom Observation (SIG #20)
Purpose: The purpose of the Classroom Observation SIG is to provide members access to current research in observation techniques in educational settings.
Contact: Amanda Shuford Mayeaux, University of Louisiana at Lafayette, Breaux Bridge, LA,
Dues: $10.00 (1 yr)
Cognition and Assessment (SIG #167)
Purpose: To promote research on educational assessment merging two traditionally distinct fields - cognition and psychometrics
Contact: Dubravka Svetina, Indiana University - Bloomington, Bloomington, IN,
Dues: $10.00 (1 yr); students $5.00 (1 yr)
Computer and Internet Applications in Education (SIG #22)
Purpose: To promote research and evaluation on the use of computer-based information and communications resources and software for learning, instruction, assessment, and accomplishment by students, teachers, and administrators.
Contact: Andrea C. Burrows, University of Wyoming, Laramie, WY,
Dues: $10.00 (1 yr); students $5.00 (1 yr)
Confucianism, Taoism, Buddhism and Education (SIG #171)
Purpose: The purpose of the SIG is to bring together individuals who share a common interest in in-depth, cross-cultural, international dialogue on how Confucianism and Taoism in both classical and contemporary schools of thought can inform educational theory and practice.
Contact: Dengting Boyanton, Sino-American Educational Research Association, Stone Mountain, GA,
Dues: $5.00 (1 yr)
Constructivist Theory, Research and Practice (SIG #25)
Purpose: To facilitate communication and to promote theory, research and improvement in practices of educators at all levels from a constructivist or developmental perspective.
Contact: Kathy L. Schuh, University of Iowa, Iowa City, IA,
Dues: $5.00 (1 yr)
Cooperative Learning: Theory, Research and Practice (SIG #26)
Purpose: To exchange information about current research, theory, and improvements in implementation of cooperative learning procedures; to provide a structured forum for discussions related to cooperative learning.
Contact: Roger T. Johnson, University of Minnesota, New Brighton, MN,
Dues: $5.00 (1 yr)
Critical Educators for Social Justice (SIG #144)
Purpose: Critical Educators for Social Justice (CESJ) is committed to the struggle for social justice, human rights and democracy for diverse communities. We promote research, teaching, and activism centered on cultural, racial, linguistic, political, and economic self-determination within our classrooms, schools, and communities. A significant objective of CESJ is to promote communication and collaboration among critical educators and researchers working in public schools, universities, and community education programs. We believe that education, as a form of critical understanding, plays a crucial role in transforming society.
Contact: Nini Hayes, Western Washington University, Bellingham, WA,; Subini Ancy Annamma, Stanford University, Stanford, CA,
Dues: $15.00 (1 yr)
Critical Examination of Race, Ethnicity, Class and Gender in Education (SIG #27)
Purpose: To promote the integrated study of race, ethnicity, social class, and gender as lenses for performing critical analyses and evaluations of prevailing theory and practice on education.
Contact: Malik S. Henfield, Loyola University Chicago, Chicago, IL,
Dues: $20.00 (1 yr); students $15.00 (1 yr)
Critical Issues in Curriculum and Cultural Studies (SIG #28)
Purpose: To support and promote transdisciplinary research of education as experience. The SIG de-stabilizes commonly held boundaries of educational research beyond contemporary curriculum discourses. Members pursue curriculum inquiry using critical perspectives, and performative, auto-ethnographic and conceptual approaches to ask sociocultural, political, and theoretical questions.
Contact: Brian D. Schultz, Miami University, Oxford, OH,
Dues: $7.00 (1 yr); students $5.00 (1 yr)
Critical Perspectives on Early Childhood Education (SIG #29)
Purpose: The purpose of this SIG is to foster research on and critical analyses of issues in early childhood education and childhood studies and to encourage the development of alternative perspectives and curriculum in early childhood education.
Contact: Sonya Gaches, The University of Otago, Dunedin, New Zealand,
Dues: $17.00 (1 yr); students $15.00 (1 yr)
Cultural Historical Research (SIG #30)
Purpose: Focuses on human action, agency, and development as mediated by culture, history, and activity in the tradition of Vygotsky, Luria, Leont’ev, Bakhtin, Mead, and others.
Contact: Pedro R. Portes, University of Georgia, Athens, GA,; Susan A. Kirch, New York University, Bronx, NY,
Dues: $10.00 (1 yr); students $5.00 (1 yr)
Data-Driven Decision Making in Education (SIG #179)
Purpose: Data-Driven Decision Making in Education SIG #179
Contact: Ellen B. Mandinach, WestEd, Scottsdale, AZ,
Dues: $10.00 (1 yr); students $5.00 (1 yr)
Democratic Citizenship in Education (SIG #150)
Purpose: To promote democratic citizenship-development research in K-12 classrooms, and to foster an interdependence among citizenship-democratic researchers.
Contact: Caroline R. Pryor, Southern Illinois University - Edwardsville, Edwardsville, IL,
Dues: $10.00 (1 yr); students $5.00 (1 yr)
Design and Technology (SIG #31)
Purpose: To foster research, teaching, service and innovation in design education and technology education in formal educational settings and in other learning environments.
Contact: Andrew Tawfik, University of Memphis, Memphis, TN,
Dues: $10.00 (1 yr); students $5.00 (1 yr)
Dewey Studies (SIG #56)
Purpose: To keep alive Dewey's commitment to the use of critical and reflective intelligence in the search for solutions to problems in education and culture.
Contact: Patrick M. Jenlink, Stephen F. Austin State University, Nacogdoches, TX,
Dues: $10.00 (1 yr)
Disability Studies in Education (SIG #143)
Purpose: Supports the development of disability studies, a series of interdisciplinary modes of critical advocacy scholarship, among educational researchers.
Contact: Danielle M. Cowley, University of Northern Iowa, Cedar Falls, IA,; Jessica K. Bacon, Montclair State University, Bloomfield, NJ,
Dues: $15.00 (1 yr); students $10.00 (1 yr)
Districts in Research and Reform (SIG #156)
Purpose: To bring together researchers, central office administrators, reform support organization leaders, and others interested in key questions of system-wide improvement and leadership.
Contact: Laura Elena Hernandez, Learning Policy Institute, Oakland, CA,; Madeline Mavrogordato, Michigan State University, East Lansing, MI,
Dues: $15.00 (1 yr); students $10.00 (1 yr)
Early Education and Child Development (SIG #32)
Purpose: To promote research that has implications for theory, policy, practice, and teacher development in the diverse contexts serving children from birth to age eight.
Contact: Martha J. Lash, Kent State University, Kent, OH,
Dues: $15.00 (1 yr)
Educational Change (SIG #155)
Purpose: This SIG adopts an interdisciplinary and international approach to understanding many aspects of educational change, including large-scale reform, school-initiated change, school improvement, and classroom-level change.
Contact: Kristin L. Kew, New Mexico State University, Las Cruces, NM,
Dues: $12.00 (1 yr); students $7.00 (1 yr)
Educational Statisticians (SIG #37)
Purpose: To increase interaction among educational researchers interested in the theory, applications, and teaching of statistics in the social sciences.
Dues: $10.00 (1 yr)
Elliot Eisner (SIG #177)
Purpose: The purpose of the Elliot Eisner SIG is to promote scholarship that applies, extends, critiques, and reinvents Eisner’s scholarship. The SIG will act as a catalyst for the development, implementation, and evaluation of curriculum built upon the foundation that Eisner established. The SIG will provide the opportunity to continue conceptualizing educational criticism and connoisseurship with an eye towards various forms of representation; will encourage new forms of evaluation based on Eisner’s ideas; will provide a home for the continuation of research into discipline-based art education and arts-integration; will continue to look at ways to conceptualize schooling (formal and informal) from arts-based perspectives; and will be a place of mentorship for young scholars of curriculum, school evaluation, qualitative research, the arts, and/or school reform.
Contact: Christy McConnell Moroye, University of Northern Colorado, Centennial, CO,
Dues: $10.00 (1 yr); students $5.00 (1 yr)
Environmental Education (SIG #33)
Purpose: To advance and critique environmental education research.
Contact: Sara Soledad Garcia, Santa Clara University, Santa Clara, CA,
Dues: $10.00 (1 yr); students $5.00 (1 yr)
Faculty Teaching, Evaluation and Development (SIG #42)
Purpose: To investigate, promote, and support research and development on college teaching and learning, issues related to faculty evaluation and development, and student ratings of teaching.
Contact: Robert H. Stupnisky, University of North Dakota, Grand Forks, ND,
Dues: $12.00 (1 yr); students $5.00 (1 yr)
Family, School, Community Partnerships (SIG #43)
Purpose: To engage with and promote rigorous and innovative research exploring the nature and impact of partnerships between families, schools, and diverse communities, and to encourage evidence-based practices and policies that influence children's learning and development.
Contact: Patricia A. Edwards, Michigan State University, Lansing, MI,
Dues: $10.00 (1 yr); students $8.00 (1 yr)
Fiscal Issues, Policy and Education Finance (SIG #44)
Purpose: To provide a forum for research in educational finance and its impact on policy for all levels and aspects of education.
Dues: $10.00 (1 yr); students $5.00 (1 yr)
Foucault and Contemporary Theory in Education (SIG #45)
Purpose: Dedicated to the historical/philosophical studies of education that engage the writings of Michel Foucault.
Contact: Marek Tesar, The University of Auckland, Meadowbank, New Zealand,
Dues: $10.00 (1 yr); students $5.00 (1 yr)
Graduate and Postdoctoral Education across the Disciplines (SIG #168)
Purpose: To identify and support doctoral education as a distinct area of research in higher education; questions to be addressed include the following: How is "doctoral education" or "research education" conceived? What key changes are occurring in doctoral and research education? What opportunities do these changes present for challenging previous pedagogies and developing new ones?;
Contact: David F. Feldon, Director, Utah State University, Logan, UT,
Dues: $20.00 (1 yr); students $10.00 (1 yr)
Grassroots Community & Youth Organizing for Education Reform (SIG #172)
Purpose: To advance research on community and youth organizing, particularly in low income communities and communities of color. We will work to build a research community that engages with practitioners in organizing groups, educational institutions and policy-making circles. We seek to foster research that examines the ways in which organizing efforts affect school improvement and educational equity, youth development, community/democratic revitalization and social justice.
Dues: $15.00 (1 yr); students $5.00 (1 yr)
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