Family, School, Community Partnerships SIG 43
Family, School, Community Partnerships SIG 43
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Welcome to the website of the Family, School, Community Partnerships SIG. The goals of the SIG are to promote the study and dissemination of research on school, family, and community connections that support children's learning and development. 
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As we are approaching the end of the fall semester there are many issues that have occurred in the United States and abroad. Some of these may have impacted us personally, but quite a few are and will continue to impact us professionally as we engage in work and/or research centered on family, school, and/or community partnerships. It is paramount that we take the opportunity to critically reflect on this semester and the upcoming one as well and the next academic year to see what we are doing well, what might have room for improvement, and/or what comes next-what should we start doing to positively impact the lives of students, their families, and/or the communities in which we work.

In addition, engaging in personalized self-care as a form of rejuvenation and/or restoration is critical to maintaining our balance and ability to be the best for ourselves, our loved-ones, and the work we do supporting learners, their families, and/or the community. The holiday season is upon as well and celebrations may be a part of some of our lives. These celebrations can also be a form of personalized self-care as we remember our ancestors, maintain traditions or start new ones, and spend time (physically or virtually) with loved ones.

AERA’s annual conference will be virtual in 2021 and we are looking forward to engaging with you during that time, including our business meeting. We are currently accepting nominations for the FSCP SIG annual dissertation award (see blurb in the newsletter) and we will elect new members-at-large and a secretary/treasurer in the next AERA election cycle. Thank you for your active engagement with the FSCP SIG. We appreciate all that you do on behalf of the SIG, AERA, and your professional capacity related to family, school, and/or community partnerships.

All the best.

Yolanda Abel, FSCP SIG Chair
Johns Hopkins University School of Education, Associate Professor and Chair of the Department of Advanced Studies in Education

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