Cultural Historical Research SIG 30
Cultural Historical Research SIG 30
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The Cultural-Historical Research Special Interest Group (SIG #30) of the American Educational Research Association (AERA) is a diverse grouping of researchers who approach learning, development and social change from a cultural-historical, socio-cultural and/or activity theoretic perspective. Common themes of research and conversation draw on Vygotsky, Luria, Leont’ev, Bakhtin, Mead (and others).

Drawing on these perspectives, members also engage with frameworks that are inclusive to, but not limited to critical, feminist, digital studies, and arts-based approaches to explore sociocultural, educational, pedagogical, and sociopolitical questions at the intersection of theory and practice. 

AERA 2021: Call for Submissions

Click the link below to read the call for submissions to the 2021 AERA Annual Meeting, from Program Co-Chairs Heeok Jeong and José Ramón Lizárraga.

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Co-Chairs: Arturo Cortez, University of Colorado Boulder & Anu Kajamaa, University of Helsinki 

Co-Program Chairs: Heeok Jeong, University of Massachusetts, Amherst & José Ramón Lizárraga, University of Colorado Boulder  

Secretary/Treasurer: Alfredo Jornet Gil, University of Oslo/ Kalonji Nzinga, University of Colorado Boulder 

Website/Communications Chair: Mike Rifino, The Graduate Center 

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