Elliot Eisner SIG 177
Elliot Eisner SIG 177
SIG Purpose

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The purposes of the Elliot Eisner SIG are to:

  • promote scholarship that applies, extends, critiques, and reinvents Eisner's scholarly contributions and core principles towards the overarching aim of school improvement
  • act as a catalyst for the development, implementation, and evaluation of curriculum built upon the foundation that Eisner established
  • provide the opportunity to continue conceptualizing and improving educational criticism and connoisseurship in contemporary educational settings
  • encourage new forms of evaluation based on Eisner's ideas
  • examine ways to conceptualize education (formal and informal) from arts-based perspectives
  • foster discourse that challenges, champions, and reconceptualizes Eisnerian thought
  • mentor emerging scholars of curriculum, school evaluation, qualitative research, the arts, and school reform
News & Announcements

AERA 2021 Call for Proposals

Elliot Eisner SIG

Greetings, Eisner SIG Members and Friends,

It is time to look ahead toward the 2021 AERA Conference in Orlando, Florida from April 9-12. AERA has put forth the theme of Accepting Educational Responsibility, a powerful reminder that we, as scholars and community members, must acknowledge and embrace our roles of both producing scholarship and living its ideals: 

“Education researchers are not merely scholars; we are also citizens of the places in which our scholarship is produced, disseminated, and implemented. Equity and justice in these places depend as much on our deep thinking as they do on what we do with what we know.”[1]

Research in the Eisnerian tradition is well-positioned to contribute to the betterment of our schools and communities. Through Eisner’s method of educational connoisseurship and criticism, our aim is toward school improvement across a wide variety of diverse contexts. How might we intentionally deploy this qualitative method to accept responsibility for the various outcomes of schooling? What does Eisner’s ecology of schooling have to offer our efforts toward social justice, culturally sustaining curriculum, and equitable and engaging pedagogy?

AERA invites “members and other Annual Meeting attendees to acknowledge the roles we play in sustaining an array of social and educational inequities.” How might we, as a SIG, do our part to acknowledge our contributions to inequities while seeking solutions and positive progress toward citizen-scholarship?

The Eisner SIG invites proposals that address the conference theme in a variety of ways, through research, conceptual explorations, and artistic scholarship. We also welcome proposals that further the work of Elliot Eisner, that challenge and reinvent his ideas, and that engage us all in the educational imagination toward the aim of flourishing schools for all.

Our health and sustainability as a SIG largely depends upon the number of proposals we receive. Please consider submitting a proposal, and please invite your colleagues and friends to do the same. The deadline for submissions is 11:59 PM, Pacific Time, on July 22, 2020.

How wonderful it will be to see everyone in person in Orlando!

Best wishes,

Christy McConnell, PhD

Elliot Eisner SIG Chair

How to Submit:

1. Please review the Call for Submissions (PDF)
2. Log in
3. Click "My AERA" at the top of the page
4. Scroll down to the 2021 Annual Meeting and click "Online program portal"

Thank you for your continued interest in participating in the AERA Annual Meeting. The AERA Meetings Team stands ready to assist you with any questions or concerns. Please contact us by e-mail at annualmtg@aera.net or phone 202-238-3200. 



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