Cognition and Assessment SIG 167
Cognition and Assessment SIG 167
SIG Purpose

Welcome to the Cognition and Assessment SIG! The SIG presents researchers and practitioners with an opportunity for cross-disciplinary research (or research with cross-disciplinary implications) within education. We are a group of scientists who are interested in better assessing cognition and are interested in leveraging cognitive theory and methods in the design and interpretation of tests. Our research features many different methods, including psychometric simulations, empirical applications, cognitive model development, theoretical rationales, and combinations of all of the above.

The SIG was established to highlight and promote research integrating cognition into assessment design and analysis in order to improve the meaning and utility of assessment scores. Members of our SIG have diverse profiles and training in interconnected disciplines that each contribute to research in this area. Some areas of interest for our members’ research include theoretical models for applied cognition, psychometric models for representing more complex theories of cognition, assessment design processes for coordinating theoretical and psychometric models, and digital technologies for re-conceptualizing assessment design and delivery.  


2016 Outstanding Dissertation in Cognition and Assessment
Maryam Wagner, Carleton University (Winner )

2015 Outstanding Contribution to Research in Cognition and Assessment
Jonathan Templin, Kansas University (Winner)
Janice Gobert, Worcester Polytechic Institute (Honorable Mention)
Russell Almond, Flordia State University (Honorable Mention)

2014 Outstanding Contribution to Practice in Cognition and Assessment
A multi-team award given to 12 researchers from Achieve, ETS, and Pearson
Achieve: Enis Dogan, Bonnie Hain, Carrie Piper
ETS: Nancy Glazer, Joanna Gorin, Jeff Haberstroh, Patricia Klag, Stephen Lazer, Kathleen Sheehan
Pearson: Steve Ferrara, Jay Larkin, Paul Nichols

SIG Award Winners Presentation (April 5, 2014).pdf

2013 Outstanding Dissertation in Cognition and Assessment
Laine Bradshaw, University of Georgia in Athens (Winner 1)
Laine Bradshaw Dissertation Award Presentation (2013).pdf
Anna Crowe, University of Cape Town, South Africa (Winner 2)
Anna Crowe Dissertation Award Presentation (2013).pdf

2012 No Award Given

2011 Outstanding Contribution to Research in Cognition and Assessment

Susan Embretson, Georgia Tech

2010 Outstanding Dissertation in Cognition and Assessment
Chanho Park, ACT, Inc.