Meetings & Other Events
Meetings & Other Events
Annual Meeting
Each year a major social event is the annual meeting of AERA - come and join us!

2015 Meeting (Chicago, IL)

SIG program: Finalized SIG 167 Program (AERA 2015).pdf

2014 Meeting (Philadelphia, PA)

SIG program: Finalized SIG 167 Program (AERA 2014).pdf
Business meeting presentation: SIG Business Meeting Presentation (April 5, 2014).pdf
Research teaser handouts: Research Teaser Handouts (April 5, 2014).zip
Award presentation: SIG Award Winners Presentation (April 5, 2014).pdf

We have also compiled a list of presentations from all previous years to give you a sense of the kinds of work that the SIG has historically focused on: Past Presentations at Annual Meetings.pdf

Other Meetings of Interest
I would love to hear from you about meetings that you think would be relevant to our membership - please contact me at if you would like me to add a posting! Also, please share the posting via our LinkedIn site. Thank you!