2016 AERA Fellows Call for Nominations
2016 AERA Fellows Call for Nominations


AERA is pleased to announce the call for nominations for 2016 AERA Fellows. The AERA Fellows Program honors education researchers for their exceptional contributions to, and excellence in, education research. The program is intended to be inclusive of the scholarship that constitutes and enriches education research as an interdisciplinary field.

Fellow status is typically awarded for a person’s scientific or scholarly contributions, but it may also be awarded for exceptional contributions to the field through the development of research opportunities and settings. Ordinarily, nominees will be considered after at least 12 years of postdoctoral contribution. It is expected that AERA Fellows will continue to contribute to the advancement of the field through research, mentoring of junior scholars, and other forms of leadership and that they will uphold the highest standards of professional ethics in their work.

All nominees, nominators, and endorsers must be current AERA members. In addition, either the nominator or one of the endorsers of a nominee must be an AERA Fellow. Nominators and endorsers must not be from the same institution as the nominee. Members of the AERA Fellows Committee are not eligible to serve as nominators or endorsers. Self-nominations will not be accepted. 

The Fellows Committee encourages those advancing nominations to ensure that the nomination packet includes letters from those with expertise germane to the nominee’s research areas. It is also helpful  to the committee for the letters and documentation to point to the nominee’s specific research accomplishments and their significance to the nominee’s area of scholarship as well as to the field of education research more broadly.


To nominate an outstanding researcher for Fellow status, please submit the following online by the extended deadline of 11:59 p.m. Pacific Time, December 10, 2015:

  1. 2016 AERA Fellow Nomination Form
  2. One letter of nomination specifying why the candidate is judged to have made sustained, outstanding contributions
  3. Two letters of endorsement from AERA members who have made outstanding contributions to education research and are familiar with the nominee’s work and research accomplishments (two letters only)
  4. One article by the nominee (single or co-authored) that exemplifies the strengths and significance of the nominee’s contribution
  5. A summary statement (no more than 100 words) capturing the significance of the nominee’s research contributions
  6. The nominee’s current curriculum vitae

All nominations will be treated confidentially by the AERA Fellows Committee. The committee will review the nominations and subsequently submit a list of recommendations to the AERA Council for approval. Nominators will be notified of the final decision. Only those nominees selected for Fellows distinction will be notified by the committee. 

Please direct any questions regarding the nomination process to fellows@aera.net.

Download a PDF of the 2016 AERA Fellows Call for Nominations