Call for Knowledge and Findings
Call for Knowledge and Findings
AERA Centennial Education Research Compendium and Forum
Extended Deadline: June 10, 2015

The goal of the compendium is to present significant scholarship and notable findings through the lens of active researchers in the field. The aim is to identify important research accomplishments across the breadth of arenas of inquiry that constitute education research. The AERA Knowledge Compendium will build upon material provided in response to the first three questions.

Extended Submission 
Deadline: June 10, 2015 
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This call invites scholars to contribute to building a compendium of robust knowledge and findings related to education and learning. The purpose of this “crowdsourcing” exercise is to create a reservoir of important discoveries, concepts, methods, and measures that evolved in recent years from education research, can enlarge public understandings, and are ripe for application in policy or practice. 

We are seeking to harvest this wisdom from across the research community to support a number of AERA Centennial initiatives, including an Education Research Knowledge Forum to be held in early 2016. The aim of the Forum is to create a setting where high profile decision‐makers and thought leaders from across societal sectors can engage with scholars in considering noteworthy knowledge on education topics that are (or should be) of concern to them. 

The success of the Forum and other Centennial initiatives depends on the collective ownership of this outreach exercise. No small group alone can capture the breadth of knowledge that has compelling implications for education policy and practice. Thus, the objective of this call is to cast the widest possible net across cohorts of scholars to identify significant nuggets of knowledge that span contexts, levels, and processes of education and learning. 

This call is time‐sensitive, to allow for expeditiously preparing a resource of wellwarranted research, findings, and scholarship to form the backbone of Forum planning and other anticipated Centennial work. AERA divisions and SIGs are being enlisted to help in this knowledge‐generation process. Whether you are active in these units of AERA; whether you are an early, mid‐career, or senior researcher; or whether you are working in the academy or other research work sectors, we seek your contributions in response to this call. 

Please take the time to participate in this collaborative activity. You are encouraged to share your ideas and evidence from diverse theoretical frameworks, disciplinary perspectives, and research methods. Note that we ask for citations so that we can build on your responses fully. Specifically, the Forum Planning Committee needs your help in answering the following questions from the vantage of your expertise:

  1. From the vantage of your expertise, what do you consider to be the most compelling research? Why do you consider it to be significant in terms of findings, concepts, or methods? Please be specific and provide citations. 

  2. Who would you consider to be the most accomplished scholars in this area or areas of research, and which of their works commend special attention? Please list and provide citations. 

  3. What findings are sufficiently impressive that they are both important to public understandings and should be taken into account in policy and professional discussions or decisions? Please specify and provide citations. 

  4. Who among the scholars in your areas of expertise, would you consider to be particularly powerful communicators; that is, they have the capacity to make knowledge noteworthy and significant to both expert and broad audiences? Please list and note what you have observed.
Thank you in advance for considering a contribution.

Responses should be submitted in word format as an email attachment to, with the subject line: "AERA Call for Knowledge." The deadline for responses is June 10, 2015. Inquiries may be directed to Lori Diane Hill, AERA Director of Centennial Programming, also at or at 202‐238‐3229.  

The Forum Planning Committee includes:

  • 2016 AERA President Jeannie Oakes
  • 2016 Annual Meeting Program Chair Kevin Welner 
  • 2016 Annual Meeting Program Vice Chair Michelle Renee
  • Executive Director Felice J. Levine
  • Director of Centennial Programming Lori Diane Hill
  • Director of Communications Tony Pals
  • Director of Government Relations Juliane Baron

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