Committee on Scholars of Color in Education Awards
Committee on Scholars of Color in Education Awards


2018 Recipients

Scholars of Color Mid-Career Contribution Award
Kakali Bhattacharya
Kansas State University     

Dr. James L. Moore III, Distinguished Professor of Urban Education and executive director of the Todd Anthony Bell National Resource Center on the African American Male at the Ohio State University, is known for his research in urban education, school counseling, multicultural education/counseling, gifted education, STEM education, and higher education. Dr. Moore is an outstanding education researcher and thought leader who is shaping the national discussion on African American male students through his interdisciplinary work across the behavioral and social sciences as well as informing education policy and school practices.

The Scholars of Color Mid-Career Contribution Award is awarded to a scholar who is beyond the first level of professional appointment and for whom at least 10 years have passed since receipt of the doctoral degree.

Scholars of Color Early Career Contribution Award
Nicole M. Joseph
Vanderbilt University                                              

Dr. María C. Ledesma is an assistant professor of educational leadership and policy at the University of Utah. Her research focuses on equity-oriented critical policy analysis for praxis, including the historicizing and contextualizing of race-conscious social policy in higher education. Dr. Ledesma’s work addresses policy directions for higher education institutions regarding diversity and undergraduate, graduate, and faculty experiences. Her scholarship provides higher education research with key perspectives on campus diversity, the historical reasons for Affirmative Action, and the potential impact of the current campus racial climate.

The Scholars of Color Early Career Contribution Award is awarded to a scholar who is within the first ten (10) years of his or her career after receipt of the doctoral degree.

Distinguished Career Contribution Award
Rubén Donato
University of Colorado-Boulder

Dr. Antonia Darder, Leavey Presidential Endowed Chair in Ethics and Moral Leadership in the School of Education at Loyola Marymount University and Professor Emerita of Educational Policy, Organization, and Leadership at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, is an internationally recognized Freirean scholar. She is known for her research on political questions and ethical concerns related to racism, class inequalities, language rights, critical pedagogy, Latino education, and social justice. Dr. Darder’s pedagogy, writings, public lectures, artistic endeavors, and community activism over nearly four decades have consistently anchored on the principles of critical consciousness and a commitment to the struggle for social justice, human rights, and economic democracy.  

The Scholars of Color Distinguished Career Contribution Award is awarded to a senior-level scholar, usually 20 years or more after his or her receipt of the doctoral degree.                         

These three awards are intended to recognize (1) scholars at different stages in their careers who have made significant contributions to the understanding of issues which disproportionately affect minority populations, and (2) minority scholars who have made a significant contribution to educational research and development. 

Past Recipients

Distinguished Career Contribution Award
2017 - Antonia Darder
2016 - Walter R. Allen
2015 - Patricia C. Gándara
2014 - Award not given
2013 - Jo-ann Archibald
2012 - Celia S. Genishi
2011-Henry T. Frierson
2010 - Carol Camp Yeakey
2009 - Caroline Sotello Viernes Turner
2008 - James D. Anderson
2007 - Karen Swisher
2006 - Sonia Nieto
2005 - Donna Ford
2004 - Enrique "Henry" T. Trueba
2003 - Okhee Lee
2002 - Samuel S. Peng
2001 - Richard R. Valencia
2000 - Joyce King
1999 - Flora Rodriguez Brown
1998 - Walter G. Secada
1997 - Valerie Ooka Pang
1996 - James Banks
1995 - Ronald Takaki
1994 - Edmund Gordon
1993 - Carl Grant

Distinguished Scholar Award 
2017 - James L. Moore III
2016 - Sherick A. Hughes
2015 - Kevin K. Kumashiro

2014 - Janelle T. Scott
2013 - Sharon Nelson-Barber
2012 - Christine Jean Yeh
2011 - Jerlando F. L. Jackson 
2010 - Dolores Delgado Bernal
2009 - Cynthia Hudley
2008 - Carol D. Lee and Francisco A. Rios
2007 - Kris Gutierrez
2006 - Madonna G. Constantine
2005 - Maria E. Franquiz
2004 - Michèle L. Foster
2003 - No award presented
2002 - No award presented
2001 - Christian J. Faltis
2000 - Lin Goodwin
1999 - Kofi Lomotey
1998 - Asa G. Hilliard III
1997 - Jacqueline Jordan Irvine
1996 - Celia Genishi
1995 - Christine Sleeter
1994 - Kenji Hakuta
1993 - Concepcion M. Valadez

Early Career Contribution Award
2017 - María C. Ledesma​
2016 - Roberto G. Gonzales
2015 - Ebony O. McGee
2014 - Dorinda Carter Andrews and Eve Tuck
2013 - Vichet Chhuon
2012 - Brendesha M. Tynes
2011 - Bic H. Ngo 
2010 - Valerie Kinloch
2009 - Bryan McKinley Jones Brayboy
2008 - Lamont A. Flowers
2007 - Tyrone C. Howard & Michele S. Moses
2006 - Rich Milner
2006 - Gregory Tanaka
2005 - Cornel D. Pewewardy
2004 - Linda C. Tillman
2003 - Xin Ma
2002 - M. Christopher Brown II
2001 - Alfredo J. Artiles
2000 - William F. Tate
1999 - John W. Young
1998 - Vivian L. Gadsden
1997 - Oscar Kawagley
1996 - Donna Yvette Ford
1995 - Gloria Ladson-Billings
1994 - Ana Maria Villegas
1993 - Violet Harris




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