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This directory of AERA SIGs is in alphabetical order. Websites & email addresses, when available, are listed. Although we check this page for errors frequently if you should notice a non-working link please let us know. If your SIG is interested in creating or moving its webpage to the AERA website, please let us know.

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Hip Hop Theories, Praxis & Pedagogies (SIG #178)
Purpose: Hip Hop Theories, Praxis & Pedagogies
Contact: Daren Graves, Ed.D., Simmons College, Boston, MA, daren.graves@simmons.edu; Lauren Leigh Kelly, Rutgers University Graduate School of Education, New Brunswick, NJ, lauren.kelly@gse.rutgers.edu
Dues: $5.00 (1 yr)
Hispanic Research Issues (SIG #46)
Purpose: To provide opportunities for exchanging information among and between researchers and practitioners interested in issues of concern to Hispanics in the United States.
Contact: Gina Ann Garcia, University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PA, ggarcia@pitt.edu
Dues: $15.00 (1 yr); students $5.00 (1 yr)
Website: Hispanic Research Issues
Holistic Education (SIG #135)
Purpose: Developing human potential through integrating intellectual, emotional, physical and spiritual competencies in the teaching/learning process.
Contact: Jennifer Elaine Killham, University of LaVerne, Santa Monica, CA, dr.killham@gmail.com
Dues: $7.00 (1 yr); students $5.00 (1 yr)
Website: Holistic Education
Inclusion & Accommodation in Educational Assessment (SIG #96)
Purpose: To promote research and disseminate information on activities and projects promoting the inclusion of all students, including students with disabilities and English language learners in large-scale assessments.
Contact: Vitaliy Shyyan, Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium, UCSC, Saint Paul, MN, shyya001@umn.edu
Dues: $7.00 (1 yr); students $5.00 (1 yr)
Website: Inclusion & Accommodation in Educational Assessment
Indigenous Peoples of the Americas (SIG #48)
Purpose: Formally the American Indian and Alaska Native SIG, we have evolved in name and focus to promote a better understanding of theoretical-, policy-, and practice-related issues that influence the quality of traditional and contemporary education among indigenous peoples.
Contact: Robin Zape-tah-hol-ah Minthorn, The University of New Mexico, Albuquerque, NM, rminthorn@unm.edu
Dues: $15.00 (1 yr); students $5.00 (1 yr)
Website: Indigenous Peoples of the Americas
Indigenous Peoples of The Pacific (SIG #146)
Purpose: To research indigenous education related to the peoples of the Pacific and Pacific Rim, including indigenous ways of knowing and indigenous practices.
Dues: $15.00 (1 yr); students $5.00 (1 yr)
Informal Learning Environments Research (SIG #49)
Purpose: To further educational research in informal learning environments and to promote a community practice interested in establishing and maintaining a better understanding of teaching and learning.
Contact: Heather Toomey Zimmerman, The Pennsylvania State University, University Park, PA, haz2@psu.edu
Dues: $10.00 (1 yr)
Instructional Technology (SIG #52)
Purpose: To encourage, promote, and support research on the design and development of instruction and the computer-based, electronic, and non-electronic media technologies that are used for its delivery.
Contact: Chester Tadeja, California State Polytechnic University, Pomona, Chino Hills, CA, chester.tadeja@gmail.com
Dues: $10.00 (1 yr); students $5.00 (1 yr)
Website: Instructional Technology
International Studies (SIG #54)
Purpose: To provide a forum for exchanging information among educators involved in research, planning, development, implementation, and evaluation of international studies.
Contact: Elizabeth C. Reilly, Loyola Marymount University , Los Angeles, CA, elizabeth.reilly@lmu.edu
Dues: $15.00 (1 yr); students $10.00 (1 yr)
Website: International Studies
Ivan Illich (SIG #161)
Purpose: The purpose of the Ivan Illich SIG is the promotion of intellectual consideration of the social critique and analyses of Ivan Illich, named by the Utne Reader "as the most important social critic" of the 20th century.
Dues: $6.00 (1 yr); students $5.00 (1 yr)
Language and Social Processes (SIG #58)
Purpose: To explore directions in and issues of language and discourse practices, literacy, and learning processes and social contexts through studies grounded in sociocultural, constructivist and constructionist perspectives.
Contact: Kate T. Anderson, Arizona State University, Tempe, AZ, gourdo246@gmail.com
Dues: $8.00 (1 yr); students $5.00 (1 yr)
Website: Language and Social Processes
Large Scale Assessment (SIG #141)
Purpose: To provide a forum for discussion of the status, issues, and concerns related to large-scale assessment, including practices and innovations in state assessment programs.
Dues: $5.00 (1 yr)
Law and Education (SIG #59)
Purpose: To focus on legal issues affecting K-12 public and private education, as well as post-secondary education.
Dues: $10.00 (1 yr); students $5.00 (1 yr)
Website: Law and Education
Leadership for School Improvement (SIG #101)
Purpose: To examine how leadership of teachers, principals, and superintendents influences instructional capacity resulting in improved student outcomes and how policy guides this collaborative effort.
Contact: Rebecca Ann Thessin, The George Washington University, Washington, DC, rthessin@gwu.edu
Dues: $15.00 (1 yr); students $10.00 (1 yr)
Website: Leadership for School Improvement
Leadership for Social Justice (SIG #165)
Purpose: To promote social justice teaching, research, service, and policymaking agendas, with the corollary aim of seeking to proactively improve educational leadership as a means of addressing equity concerns for underrepresented populations throughout P-20 education; also to share innovative, promising, and research-based programs, policies, and teaching strategies and proactively advocate on behalf of underrepresented populations in educational leadership.
Contact: Rosa L. Rivera-McCutchen, Lehman College - CUNY, New Rochelle, NY, r.rivera@lehman.cuny.edu
Dues: $10.00 (1 yr)
Website: Leadership for Social Justice
Learning and Teaching in Educational Leadership (SIG #129)
Purpose: The LTEL SIG brings together professors and graduate students of educational leadership and administration, discipline specialists, educational theorists, curriculum developers, instructional technology specialists, learning specialists, educational researchers, classroom experts, practitioners, policymakers, and others concerned with Learning and Teaching in Educational Leadership. The LTEL SIG provides a forum for: A managed conversation on issues related to learning and teaching in Educational Leadership and Administration; the integration of theoretical quantitative and qualitative studies of learning and teaching in Educational Leadership; discussion of investigations conducted in real educational settings, including investigations involving application of technology to learning and instruction; exploration of innovative methodologies; analysis of the implications of research and practice for learning and teaching in Educational Leadership; and assessment of the relationship of learning and teaching in Educational Leadership to policy development at local, state, and national levels.
Dues: $10.00 (1 yr)
Website: Learning and Teaching in Educational Leadership
Learning Environments (SIG #120)
Purpose: To provide a forum for dissemination of quantitative and qualitative research on all aspects of learning environments from classrooms and schools to non-school settings.
Contact: Catherine Shelley Martin-Dunlop, Morgan State University, Baltimore, MD, catherine.martin@morgan.edu
Dues: $10.00 (1 yr)
Website: Learning Environments
Learning Sciences (SIG #39)
Purpose: Purpose: To bring a variety of disciplinary perspectives and empirical approaches to the study of learning as it occurs in school, online, in the workplace, at home, and in the community, and to the design of novel environments with the potential to facilitate learning more effectively.
Dues: $10.00 (1 yr); students $5.00 (1 yr)
Website: https://www.facebook.com/SIGATL
Lesson Study (SIG #180)
Purpose: Lesson Study
Contact: Jennifer M. Lewis, Wayne State University, Ann Arbor, MI, jmlewis@wayne.edu
Dues: $8.00 (1 yr); students $6.00 (1 yr)
Literature (SIG #61)
Purpose: To promote research that explores literary inquiry and interpretive practices, including innovative approaches to literary education in various contexts.
Contact: Katrina Emily Bartow Jacobs, University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PA, kbjacobs@pitt.edu
Dues: $6.00 (1 yr)
Lives of Teachers (SIG #62)
Purpose: To promote the interchange of ideas and scholarly activities focused on inquiry into the lives of teachers. Teachers shall be defined as those working with students in classroom and tutorial settings, from pre-school through university. Research shall be viewed as inclusive of methods appropriate to the question of study and topics such as teacher narrative, biography, research on teacher development, including career trajectories, teacher characteristics, beliefs, and attitudes, and teaching as a profession; accounts of teachers lives in different times and in different countries; and portrayal of teachers in written literature, film and television.
Contact: Cheryl J. Craig, Texas A&M University - College Station, Spring, TX, cheryljcraig@tamu.edu
Dues: $10.00 (1 yr); students $5.00 (1 yr)
Longitudinal Studies (SIG #63)
Purpose: To support and foster the understanding of longitudinal research designs and analyses in education and the use and dissemination of longitudinal data and substantive findings, including data from national (e.g., NCES), state (e.g., state administrative/tracking systems), and local (e.g., district) sources.
Dues: $5.00 (1 yr)
Website: Longitudinal Studies
Marxian Analysis of Society, Schools and Education (SIG #157)
Purpose: To provide a forum for and advance research that examines educational and social issues from Marxian perspectives.
Contact: Alexander Means, University of Hawaii at Manoa, Honolulu, HI, alexmeans1@gmail.com
Dues: $10.00 (1 yr); students $5.00 (1 yr)
Website: Marxian Analysis of Society, Schools and Education
Measurement and Assessment in Higher Education (SIG #64)
Purpose: To provide an association, and to promote continuing education for individuals with an interest in college-level administration of educational and psychological measurement services.
Contact: Steven Stemler, Wesleyan University, Middletown, CT, sstemler@wesleyan.edu
Dues: $10.00 (1 yr); students $5.00 (1 yr)
Website: Measurement and Assessment in Higher Education
Media, Culture, and Learning (SIG #65)
Purpose: Devoted to critical inquiry and pedagogy on the use of media within cultural settings in formal and informal learning environments.
Contact: Ty Hollett, The Pennsylvania State University, State College, PA, tyler.hollett@gmail.com
Dues: $8.00 (1 yr); students $5.00 (1 yr)
Website: Media, Culture, and Learning
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MccSig
Mentorship and Mentoring Practices (SIG #66)
Purpose: To foster mentoring programs and experiences, initiating research on the topic and providing networking and support.
Dues: $10.00 (1 yr); students $5.00 (1 yr)
Website: Mentorship and Mentoring Practices
Middle-Level Education Research (SIG #88)
Purpose: To improve, promote, and disseminate educational research reflecting early adolescence and middle-level education.
Contact: Penny B. Howell, University of Louisville, Louisville, KY, penny.howell@louisville.edu
Dues: $10.00 (1 yr); students $5.00 (1 yr)
Website: http://mlersig.net/
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Middle-Level-Education-Research-SIG-of-AERA/208048892608947
Mixed Methods Research (SIG #158)
Purpose: To support, encourage, and increase dialogue and idea exchange among educational researchers utilizing mixed methods and those interested in integrating qualitative and quantitative research approaches.
Contact: Monica Reid Kerrigan, Rowan University, Glassboro, NJ, KerriganM@rowan.edu
Dues: $5.00 (1 yr)
Website: Mixed Methods Research
Montessori Education (SIG #181)
Purpose: The Montessori Education SIG
Contact: Angela Murray, The University of Kansas, Eudora, KS, akmurray@ku.edu
Dues: $5.00 (1 yr)
Moral Development and Education (SIG #67)
Purpose: To promote discussion about controversies and areas of agreement within the fields of moral development and education, and to provide informal opportunities for social interaction.
Contact: Jason M. Stephens, University of Auckland, Epsom, New Zealand, jm.stephens@auckland.ac.nz
Dues: $12.00 (1 yr); students $5.00 (1 yr)
Website: Moral Development and Education
Motivation in Education (SIG #68)
Purpose: To advance the understanding of motivational processes in education, particularly by promoting research, exchanging ideas and perspectives, and by developing practices and interventions to improve learner motivation.
Contact: Erika Alisha Patall, University of Southern California, Los Angeles, CA, patall@rossier.usc.edu
Dues: $20.00 (1 yr); students $10.00 (1 yr)
Website: http://motsig.org
Multicultural/Multiethnic Education: Theory, Research, and Practice (SIG #162)
Purpose: To provide a forum for the introduction, promotion, consideration, interaction of theory, research and practices regarding multicultural and multiethnic education, broadly defined, within all educational, cultural, societal and social settings, contexts, levels and locations.
Dues: $10.00 (1 yr); students $7.00 (1 yr)
Website: Multicultural/Multiethnic Education: Theory, Research, and Practice
Multilevel Modeling (SIG #140)
Purpose: To promote the understanding, use, and dissemination of information regarding hierarchical linear modeling.
Contact: Benjamin Kelcey, University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, OH, ben.kelcey@gmail.com
Dues: $5.00 (1 yr)
Website: Multilevel Modeling
Multiple Linear Regression: The General Linear Model (SIG #70)
Purpose: Interested in any methodological, applied, or teaching innovations related to multiple linear regression and/or the general linear model
Contact: Sara E. Tomek, The University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa, AL, stomek@ua.edu
Dues: $20.00 (1 yr); students $10.00 (1 yr)
Website: Multiple Linear Regression: General Linear Model
Music Education (SIG #71)
Purpose: The purpose of the Music Education SIG is to provide a professional forum for the discussion and dissemination of current research related to music teaching and learning.
Contact: Kenneth Elpus, University of Maryland - College Park, Ellicott City, MD, elpus@umd.edu
Dues: $15.00 (1 yr); students $5.00 (1 yr)
Website: Music Education
NAEP Studies (SIG #99)
Purpose: To facilitate secondary analysis of the National Assessment of Educational Progress ongoing surveys regarding U.S. students knowledge, attitudes and experiences in diverse learning areas.
Contact: Cindy Ziker, SRI International, San Jose, CA, cindyziker@yahoo.com
Dues: $10.00 (1 yr); students $5.00 (1 yr)
Narrative Research (Formerly "Narrative and Research") (SIG #145)
Purpose: The Narrative Research SIG (Special Interest Group) of AERA is dedicated to supporting conversations about the place of narratives in educational research including but not limited to phenomenological, literary, critical, and performance conceptions of narrative analysis. The purpose of the Narrative Research SIG is to provide a forum for the exchange of information among individuals interested in informing/rethinking narrative research through a variety of narrative research studies in/with participants in a variety of educational settings.
Contact: Jake Burdick, Purdue University, Indianapolis, IN, burdics@purdue.edu
Dues: $6.00 (1 yr)
Website: https://sites.google.com/site/aeranarrativeresearchsig/
Online Teaching and Learning (SIG #35)
Purpose: To provide a forum for discussion and reporting on issues and research related to online teaching and learning
Contact: Ana-Paula Correia, The Ohio State University, Columbus, OH, correia.12@osu.edu
Dues: $10.00 (1 yr); students $5.00 (1 yr)
Website: http://www.aeraotl.com/
Organizational Theory (SIG #73)
Purpose: To encourage scholarly inquiry and debate relating to traditional and alternative views of educational organizations.
Contact: Chen Schechter, Bar-Ilan University, Ramat-Gan, Israel, chen.schechter@biu.ac.il
Dues: $10.00 (1 yr)
Website: Organizational Theory
Out-of-School Time (SIG #160)
Purpose: To provide a forum for researchers in out-of-school time teaching and learning to share resources and become each others' resources; to provide venues and opportunities to present related research; to bring additional knowledge and resources to AERA.
Contact: Natalie S. King, Georgia State University, Atlanta, GA, NatalieKing@gsu.edu
Dues: $10.00 (1 yr); students $5.00 (1 yr)
Website: Out-of-School Time
Paulo Freire (SIG #159)
Purpose: To honor Freire’s legacy by promoting scholarship that applies, extends, critiques, and reinvents Freirean pedagogy. Also, to promote historical scholarship that looks at the life of Paulo Freire and the context of his ideas and practices. Finally, to act as a catalyst for the creation of new forms of critical pedagogies that build upon the foundation that Freire established.
Contact: Tricia M. Kress, Molloy College, Rockville Centre, NY, tkress@molloy.edu
Dues: $10.00 (1 yr)
Website: Paulo Freire
Peace Education (SIG #74)
Purpose: To create a global forum for scholars from diverse backgrounds and with varied perspectives to report and critically explore educational research and promote constructive changes in the areas of peace keeping, peace making, peace building, peace education, nonviolent conflict resolution, reconciliation, mediation, and more.
Contact: Shelley Wong, George Mason University, Fairfax, VA, swong1@gmu.edu
Dues: $10.00 (1 yr); students $5.00 (1 yr)
Website: Peace Education
Philanthropy and Education (SIG #148)
Purpose: To bring together researchers and members of the philanthropic foundation and non-profit communities interested in developing and disseminating knowledge about the role of philanthropy in educational policy and practice.
Dues: $10.00 (1 yr); students $5.00 (1 yr)
Philosophical Studies in Education (SIG #76)
Purpose: Dedicated to the philosophical study of education and encourages scholarship within all types of philosophical study.
Contact: Paula McAvoy, North Carolina State University, Raleigh, NC, paulamcavoy@gmail.com
Dues: $10.00 (1 yr); students $5.00 (1 yr)
Website: Philosophical Studies in Education
Politics of Education (SIG #152)
Purpose: To foster and support the conduct, dissemination, discussion, and application of research on the political functions and outcomes of education at all levels.
Contact: Rebecca Jacobsen, Michigan State University, East Lansing, MI, rjacobs@msu.edu
Dues: $40.00 (1 yr); students $20.00 (1 yr)
Website: http://www.politicsofeducation.org/
Portfolios and Reflection in Teaching and Teacher Education (SIG #77)
Purpose: To discuss research and practice in developing, mentoring, and evaluating portfolios, as well as other forms of reflective pedagogy and assessment.
Dues: $10.00 (1 yr); students $5.00 (1 yr)
Website: Portfolios and Reflection in Teaching and Teacher Education
Postcolonial Studies and Education (SIG #153)
Purpose: The Postcolonial Studies and Education SIG is an international SIG devoted to the study of education in and as effects of postcolonial, transnational, and globalization contexts.
Dues: $10.00 (1 yr); students $7.00 (1 yr)
Website: Postcolonial Studies and Education
Problem-Based Education (SIG #78)
Purpose: To provide a professional forum and network for those involved in research, theory, teaching, and development in problem-based learning for kindergarten through professional school learners.
Contact: Lisette Wijnia, HZ University of Applied Sciences - the Netherlands, Zwijndrecht, Netherlands, lisettewijnia@gmail.com
Dues: $10.00 (1 yr); students $5.00 (1 yr)
Website: Problem-Based Education
Professional Development School Research (SIG #79)
Purpose: To provide a forum for university and school professionals to discuss approaches for forming PDSs, methods for assessing outcomes, and strategies for conducting systematic change research.
Contact: Janna Dresden, University of Georgia, Chevy Chase, MD, jdresden@uga.edu
Dues: $10.00 (1 yr); students $5.00 (1 yr)
Website: Professional Development School Research
Professional Licensure and Certification (SIG #80)
Purpose: To provide a forum for discussing the status, issues, and concerns related to licensure and certification of professionals, including competency testing and related practices.
Dues: $5.00 (1 yr)
Website: Professional Licensure and Certification
Professors of Educational Research (SIG #81)
Purpose: To promote dialogue and research on the teaching and proper usage of quantitative and qualitative educational research methods.
Contact: Courtney McKim, University of Wyoming, Laramie, WY, cmckim3@uwyo.edu
Dues: $10.00 (1 yr)
Website: Professors of Educational Research
Psychometrics in Higher Education Assessment and Accreditation (SIG #182)
Purpose: The Psychometrics in Higher Education Assessment and Accreditation SIG
Contact: Tammie L. Cumming, The City University of New York-New York City College of Technology, Brooklyn, NY, TCumming@citytech.cuny.edu
Dues: $5.00 (1 yr)
Qualitative Research (SIG #82)
Purpose: To provide opportunities for discussion related to the philosophy, purposes, and methodological issues surrounding the use of qualitative research in social and educational contexts.
Contact: Jessica Nina Nina Lester, Indiana University, Bloomington, IN, jnlester@indiana.edu
Dues: $10.00 (1 yr); students $5.00 (1 yr)
Website: Qualitative Research
Queer Studies (SIG #60)
Purpose: To foster empirical, interpretive, and critical educational research relating to lesbian and gay issues, and to network individuals and organizations conducting or supporting such research.
Contact: Michael Bartone, Central Connecticut State University, New Britain, CT, bartone@ccsu.edu
Dues: $15.00 (1 yr); students $10.00 (1 yr)
Website: https://sites.google.com/site/queersig/home
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