Marxian Analysis of Society, Schools and Education SIG 157
Marxian Analysis of Society, Schools and Education SIG 157
SIG Purpose
The Marxian SIG aims to develop a community of scholars and activists who engage a Marxist analysis to educational and related social problems. The current and growing understanding that capitalism is a racist and sexist system of class relations offers the opportunity to introduce Marx’s extensive body of work and brilliant analysis to new generations. We seek to develop a greater understanding of the significance that Marx’s philosophy of revolution has for the 21st century, to extend this body of work, and to develop a Marxist alternative to capitalism, rooted in dialectics and in an ethical, humanist praxis.  We welcome presentations and dialogue around these issues.
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Message from Chair April 2024


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Let's hang out after our business meeting on Saturday, April 13th (address has been emailed to members)

We look forward to connecting with all of you! 

-Ndindi Kitonga, PhD.

August 2023
Welcome to the Marxian Analysis of Society, Schools, and Education SIG. 

We are a collective of scholars, practitioners, and activists who explore educational and social issues from Marxian perspectives. Central to our Marxist analyses are the dialectics of race, and gender, among other systems of domination. Our work lies in applying Marxist analyses to the multiple crises we face in education and society and theorizing around liberating anti-capitalist humanizing alternatives. We hope you will join us and encourage your colleagues also to join us in this quest.  

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Handbook on Marxism and Education: 

We have an opportunity to write and edit a handbook on Marxism and Education. If you are interested in contributing to these efforts either as an editor or chapter writer, please let the SIG leadership know. 

AERA 2024: 

1. Get your AERA 2024 proposals in! They are due on July 31, 2023.

The Call for Submissions for the 2024 AERA Annual Meeting is open. 

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2. Consider submitting to the Marxist SIG session

As the Marxian Analysis of Society, Schools, and Education  SIG we will be hosting a session at AERA 2024. Please consider our SIG  for your paper submission. A paper submission is an individual paper with one or more co-authors to be presented in a paper, poster, or roundtable session. As you go through the submission process you can select your preferred presentation type of paper, poster, or roundtable.

We want to grow our membership, so please join or renew today. Please encourage your colleagues to join us! We especially want to extend a warm invitation to emerging scholars, graduate students, BIPOC, and queer scholars whose work explores Marxist perspectives in education. 


-Ndindi Kitonga, PhD.

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SIG Chair

Ndindi Kitonga, PhD 

Co-founder and Co-director Angeles Workshop School



Jesus Jaime-Diaz

Recruitment/Outreach Coordinator-Instructor

Department of Teaching, Learning & Sociocultural Studies

Humanizing Culturally Affirming Teacher Program HCAT

College of EducationThe University of Arizona


Program Chair

Alpesh Maisuria, PhD

Associate Professor of Education Policy in Critical Education





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