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Instructional Technology SIG Welcome
Welcome from the SIG Leadership


AERA Special Interest Group Instructional Technology Leadership five women of diverse appearance

Welcome to the AERA Instructional Technology SIG! We are a community of scholars focusing on the design and development of instruction and the media technologies that aid in implementing instruction. We support the design and development of instruction using instructional technology and associated development and research. It is our pleasure and privilege to serve as the leadership TEAM of this SIG.

Members of SIG Instructional Technology lead conscientious research, studying a broad and evolving range of topics related to instructional technology and utilizing diverse, robust, and emerging methodologies to explore the intentional use of technologies in support of teaching, learning, and research. The variety of research topics, contexts in K12, higher education, and informal learning, relation to teaching and learning, and interdisciplinary reach has been reflected in the SIG IT award-winning papers since the inception of these awards through rigorous selection and blind review by established scholars.

Keeping the fields related to instructional technology moving forward with consequential orientations, SIG Instructional Technology recognizes the need of interdisciplinary connections impacting the right and ethical use of technologies for learning. How to invite collaborative and constantly refreshing views, discoveries, and shared interests to optimally use instructional technology is the interest of this SIG leadership. We hope to connect with SIGs and Divisions within and beyond AERA, in collaboration with experts, scholars, practitioners, and graduate students in learning science, computational thinking, computer science, design and technology, online teaching and learning,  technology integration in teaching and learning, teacher education, instructional design, design thinking, technology integrated decision making, et al, to co-investigate and co-develop inclusive human-centered learning environment. This is becoming crucially important as technology-supported learning rises to a new dimension to address the needs of diverse learners, with equity, inclusion, and accessibility in mindfully designed expressions, engagement methods, and multi-facet modalities. Learning with technologies also take on mental health, care, and community concepts in workplace and formal educational settings. The embrace of new technologies along with evolving human needs and equity-driven learning access in the larger societal and global context is a topic of interest for many in our field. 

We understand that these challenges are also opportunities for broad collaboration and research. Many members in SIG Instructional Technology have been playing significant roles in leading tremendous efforts assisting the transition and innovation of our educational systems for inclusive learning and teaching to take place. We hope and invite you to join this growing collaborative effort to drive instructional technology to engage all learners with adaptive, inclusive, and equity-driven approaches. We encourage you to join our SIG and engage with us through our social media, our events, and presenting with our SIG at our annual conference.

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We look forward to engaging with you as you develop and implement your instruction using instructional technologies.

With best regards, 

AERA SIG IT Leadership Team

Dr. Juhong Christie Liu

SIG Chair

James Madison University

Dr. Enilda 

Program Chair

University of Tennessee, Knoxville

Dr. Jill Stefaniak

Award Chair

University of Georgia

Dr. Akesha Horton

Communication Officer

Indiana University

Dr. Cathleen Kim

Secretary & Treasurer

Pacific Lutheran University

SIG Purpose

The purpose of SIG-IT is to encourage, promote, and support research on the design and development of instruction and the media technologies that aid in its implementation.