NAEP Studies: SIG 99
NAEP Studies: SIG 99
SIG Purpose


The purpose of the NAEP Studies SIG is to facilitate secondary analysis of the National Assessment of Educational Progress ongoing surveys regarding U.S. students' knowledge, attitudes, and experiences in diverse learning areas.

Call for Leadership Nominations

It is time again for the call of nominations for officer positions on the NAEP Studies SIG leadership team.  This year, we have two elected leadership positions - Program Co-Chair and Chair-Elect - and three appointed positions - Newsletter Editor, Web and Social Media Manager, and Graduate Student Representative.  If interested, please nominate yourself (or someone you know) for these positions.  Serving on the SIG Leadership Committee is a great opportunity to help shape the SIG, as well as give back to the research community. Please consider nominating yourself as well as sharing this opportunity among your networks!

Elected positions (we need two nominations for each position to hold an election)

One Program Co-Chair. The two Program Co-Chairs shall be responsible for requesting time on the Annual Meeting program from AERA and submit to AERA in a timely fashion the necessary materials to have the SIG listed in the Call for Papers. In collaboration with the Chair, the Program Co-Chairs solicit papers for the annual conference, solicit symposium and workshop proposals, receive program proposals, assign them for review, collect reviews, decide upon programs to be accepted and notify authors of the proposals and also AERA of the program. They also recruit and assign moderators and discussants for paper sessions. Term and succession plan: 3 years; Program Co-Chairs have a staggered succession plan.

Chair-Elect. The Chair-Elect shall be responsible for supporting the chair and the general activities of the SIG and for learning the roles and responsibilities of the chair role. Term and succession plan: 1 year; Chair-Elect to Chair to Immediate Past Chair.

Appointed positions

Newsletter Editor. The Newsletter Editor shall be responsible for collecting information from the other officers, drafting a newsletter at least twice a year and obtaining the approval of the Executive Committee.

Web and Social Media Manager. The Webmaster shall be responsible for keeping the NAEP SIG website up to date and posting news and announcement on the NAEP SIG social media accounts.

Graduate Student Representative. The Graduate Student Representative will be responsible for serving as a liaison between the SIG and the AERA graduate student population. The Graduate Student Representative shall attend meetings with the SIG officers to provide input on—and help organize—graduate student events, outreach, recruitment, and other initiatives of interest to graduate students. The Graduate Student Representative will receive mentorship in SIG leadership and organization from the SIG officers.

Please send all nominations to Markus Broer (markus.broer@gmail.comby October 31, 2023.  Please include the following information in the e-mail:

  • The full name of each candidate;
  • The institutional affiliation of each candidate;
  • The email address of each candidate; and
  • A biographical statement for each candidate, which can be up to 200 words.

As a reminder:

  • AERA policy requires that all elections be competitive; that is, there must be two or more candidates for each elected office.
  • Candidates must be current, voting members of AERA and current members of the SIG.
  • Graduate students can only serve in appointed positions.
  • No individual can serve in any one role for more than three consecutive years.


Call for Nominations for Outstanding Paper Award


The AERA NAEP Studies SIG has put out the 2023 call for nominations for their Outstanding Paper Award.  This award recognizes papers of exemplary conceptual, methodological, analytic, and writing quality that draw on NAEP data to advance education research or inform policy development.  Papers could be published in either refereed and non-refereed sources.  The committee will consider the strength of a paper as it relates to the overarching NAEP Studies SIG call for focused attention on persistent issues of urgent concern to the field, such as improvement in measurement and understanding of noncognitive skills, better understanding of contextual factors explaining achievement disparities, and impacts of policy on educational achievement and growth.

The nomination period began on August 1st, and it will continue until December 1st at 11:59 PM.  Please send nominations to Markus Broer (  All nominated papers must be accepted for publication by November 1st.  For more details about the nomination process, check out the Awards tab on the AERA NAEP Studies SIG home page or click this link.


NAEP Studies SIG Spring 2023 Newsletter

An ongoing goal of the AERA NAEP Studies SIG is to produce a newsletter for its members to let them know of happenings within the NAEP Studies SIG, as well as information and updates about NAEP publications and research.

In time for the AERA 2023 annual meeting, the Spring 2023 newsletter is here.

Previous newsletters can be found at the links below:

  • The Fall 2022 edition of the newsletter can be found here.
  • The Spring 2022 edition of the newsletter can be found here.
  • The Fall 2021 edition of the newsletter can be found here.
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