Inclusion and Accessibility in Educational Assessment SIG 96
Inclusion and Accessibility in Educational Assessment SIG 96
IAEA SIG Purpose


The Inclusion and Accessibility in Educational Assessments (IAEA) special interest group is dedicated to promoting research and disseminating information on activities and projects focusing on the inclusion of students with disabilities and English learners in educational assessments.

SIG Dues: $10/year for Regular AERA members. Graduates students can join for only $5/year.
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Message from SIG Chair

Our special interest group focuses on the issues and practices related to the inclusion of all students in educational assessments, including English learners, students with disabilities, English learners with disabilities, and other students with accessibility needs. We promote fairness, expanding equal opportunities, and supporting college, career, and community readiness. We are a committed group of students, researchers, and practitioners who care deeply about the field and the students we serve.

We hold an annual meeting during the AERA conference, and we communicate with SIG members throughout the year. Our newsletters and email announcements include job postings and relevant publication highlights, and our LinkedIn forum promotes discussion and allows member to share resources. We also offer an annual paper award to recognize one submission for excellence in research methodology and execution and commitment to inclusion and accessibility in educational assessment. Please join this group to keep up with the latest news and discussions from the SIG.

We look forward to the 2024 annual meeting in Philadelphia and plan to host exciting paper and roundtable sessions. Please submit your proposals and volunteer to review others’ proposals.

If you have ideas or resources to share, reach out of find us on our LInkedIn page:  LinkedIn forum. We welcome feedback and suggestions. Invite others you know interested in the same topics, too!

Thank you for your interest in IAEA!

Danielle Guzman-Orth


News You Can Use

Check out News You Can Use - our SIG's recurring newsletter that is intended to keep our members and supporters informed about our SIG’s events, highlight inclusion- and accessibility-related developments in the field, disseminate information on employment opportunities, and promote our SIG’s mission and vision to grow our community. Please share this newsletter with anyone who might be interested in checking it out and let us know if you have suggestions for future editions.

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Who We Are


SIG Officers

Chair: Danielle Guzman-Orth

Vice-Chair: Dr. Abby Andres

Secretary/Treasurer: Dr. Shelbi Cole


SIG Officers

Chair: Laurene Christensen (

Vice-Chair: Danielle Guzman-Orth

Secretary/Treasurer: Abby Andres


SIG Officers

Chair: Lisa Rose Johnson

Vice-Chair: Laurene Christensen 

Secretary/Treasurer: Danielle Guzman-Orth 


SIG Officers

Chair: Melissa Gholson 

Vice-Chair: Lisa Rose Johnson

Secretary/Treasurer: Laurene Christensen


SIG Officers

Chair: Vitaliy Shyyan

Vice-Chair: Melissa Gholson

Secretary/Treasurer: Lisa Rose Johnson


SIG Officers

Chair: Stephanie Cawthon

Vice-Chair: Vitaliy  Shyyan

Secretary/Treasurer: Melissa Gholson


SIG Officers

Chair: Sheila Wells-Moreaux 

Vice-Chair: Stephanie Cawthon

Secretary/Treasurer: Vitaliy  Shyyan


SIG Officers

Chair: Anne Davidson 

Vice-Chair: Sheila Wells-Moreaux

Secretary/Treasurer: Stephanie Cawthon

Webmaster: Joni Lakin

Program Co-Chairs: Vitaliy Shyyan, Laurene Christensen