IAEA Award for Excellent Research on Inclusion and Accessibility in Educational Assessment
IAEA Award for Excellent Research on Inclusion and Accessibility in Educational Assessment
Award Description

The annual award recognizes one research paper that exemplifies (a) excellent research methodology and execution, (b) significant contribution to the literature, and (c) commitment to inclusion and fairness in educational assessment. The award is presented in honor of esteemed leaders in the field who have, through their exceptional work, commitment to empiricism, and breadth of talent, dispelled bias and prejudice in educational systems through research.

This award reflects the mission of the Inclusion and Accessibility in Educational Assessments (IAEA) special interest group, which is dedicated to promoting research and disseminating information on activities and projects focusing on the inclusion of students with disabilities and English learners in educational assessments.

Educational assessment provides empirical evidence for student achievement and is a critical part of a fair and equitable educational system. Our SIG membership would like to underscore these values and commitments in order to encourage and disseminate quality research. We would like to bring more attention to the qualities of such research and bring global status and attention to the work itself.

Eligibility Criteria
1.Submission of the paper for the annual meeting to this SIG

2.Original, unpublished work at time of submission

3.Within the top 25% of peer reviewers’ overall ratings for accepted submissions

4.Research quality and topic relate directly to our SIG’s mission and purpose

5.Research topic is related directly to inclusion in educational assessment

Review Process
  • Awards Committee is composed of three (3) SIG member volunteers appointed annually.
  • One committee member will serve as the Awards Committee Chair and is appointed by the SIG Chair at the Business Meeting annually.
  • Nominations and self-nominations for other two members to be made by Business Meeting annually to the SIG Chair. SIG Chair to notify members by February 15th.
  • Selection of the Awards Committee will be approved by the SIG Chair before July 31 annually.

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