Educational Researcher 53:3
Educational Researcher 53:3
April 2024

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Feature Articles

19th Annual AERA Brown Lecture in Education Research
Defending the Color Line: White Supremacy and the Legacy of Brown

John B. Diamond
Educational Researcher April 53:3, 135–145

Strategies to Better Identify Student Homelessness Using Data in an Urban School District
J. J. Cutuli, Sandra Torres Suarez, Aaron Truchil, Tyler Yost, Ciani Flack-Green
Educational Researcher April 53:3, 146–155

Teacher Exit and Educational Opportunity: Lessons From Career and Technical Education
Hannah Kistler, Shaun M. Dougherty, S. Colby Woods
Educational Researcher April 53:3, 156–166


The Complex Terrain of Equity for Multilingual Learners in K–12 Education
Scott E. Grapin
Educational Researcher April 53:3, 167–174

Teaching and Learning for Mutual Respect: A Framework for Disrupting Pervasive Power Asymmetries
Whitney M. Hegseth
Educational Researcher April 53:3, 175–183


Understanding the Superintendent Pipeline: A Call for a National Longitudinal Dataset
David DeMatthews, Alexandra Aylward, David Knight, Pedro Reyes
Educational Researcher April 53:3, 184–187