Meeting Papers 

Interested in obtaining a paper that was presented at an AERA Annual Meeting? Because AERA does not hold the copyright to these papers and presentations, we neither publish nor archive the proceedings. The methods by which we suggest getting these papers are as follows: 

  • Search ERIC; or 
  • Contact the author.

Annual Meeting papers presented in 2010 or later may be available in our open-access Online Paper Repository.

Material That Has Appeared in AERA Journals 

SAGE handles all requests for material published in AERA journals. Submit a request through the Copyright Clearance Center, or contact for more information. Information about SAGE's policy for authors seeking to reuse their own material is available here.

Material That Has Appeared in AERA Books 

A. No written or oral permission is needed 

  • To reproduce a table, figure, or an excerpt of fewer than 500 words from an AERA publication.
  • To make photocopies of such information for classroom use.
  • Reproductions and copies must include a full and accurate bibliographic citation and copyright date.

B. Permission for authors

  • Authors are granted permission, without fee, to photocopy their own material.
  • Copies must include a full and accurate bibliographic citation and the following credit line: Copyright [year] by the American Educational Research Association; reproduced with permission of the publisher.

C. Other situations 

  • Written permission must be obtained from the publisher in order to reproduce or reprint material. Search our titles through the Copyright Clearance Center and email questions to