AERA Examination and Desk Copies
AERA Examination and Desk Copies

The policy set forth below applies to titles published directly by the American Educational Research Association (AERA). Instructors interested in examination and/or desk copies of titles published on behalf of AERA by other publishers must contact those publishers directly.

Examination copies

An instructor considering a book for course adoption may request an examination copy by providing all the information on the online request form.

When AERA ships an examination copy, an invoice will be included, payable in 30 days. After 30 days, the instructor must pay the invoice, adopt the book as a required text, or return the exam copy in new condition. If the instructor adopts the book, it becomes a desk copy.

Desk copies

AERA will provide free to an instructor who adopts a book as a required course text a desk copy of the book. Any such instructor who did not request an examination copy should use the same online request form to request a desk copy.

Additional desk copies may be granted to other instructors of the same course at a rate of 1 desk copy per 20 enrolled students. But there is a limit of 10 desk copies for a course.