Research Points
Research Points
Research Points Logo AERA previously published a quarterly series Research Points to connect research to education policy. The series was established to help ensure that decision makers have accessible, sound, and important research on timely education topics. Each issue is peer reviewed and brings essential information on education research to federal, state, and local policy makers. Each issue also includes recommendations for public policy makers and a bibliography.

AERA encourages further dissemination of Research Points, a free publication. No permission is needed to make photocopies. Any photocopies need to include “Copyright AERA [Year].”


Past Issues

Ensuring Early Literacy Success (PDF)
Winter 2009, Volume 6 Issue 1
Issue Researcher:  Barbara R. Foorman
Issue Reviewers:  Isabel Beck, Charles Perfetti, and Catherine Snow

Time To Learn (PDF)
Winter 2007, Volume 5 Issue 2
Issue Researcher:  David Berliner
Issue Reviewers:  Patricia Gandara, Barak Rosenshine, and BetsAnn Smith

Science Education That Makes Sense (PDF)
Summer 2007, Volume 5 Issue 1
Issue Researcher:  Marcia C. Linn
Issue Reviewers:  David Klahr, Joseph Krajcik, and Christian Schunn

Do the Math: Cognitive Demand Makes a Difference (PDF)
Fall 2006, Volume 4 Issue 2
Issue Researcher:  William F. Tate IV
Issue Reviewers:  Camilla Persson Benbow and Mary Kay Stein

Foreign Language Instruction: Implementing the Best Teaching Methods (PDF)
Spring 2006, Volume 4 Issue 1
Issue Researcher:  Robert M. DeKeyser
Issue Reviewers:  Lordes Ortega, Catherine Snow, Natasha Tokowicz, and G. Richard Tucker

Early Childhood Education: Investing in Quality Makes Sense (PDF)
Fall 2005, Volume 3 Issue 2
Issue Researcher:  Jeanne Brooks-Gunn
Issue Reviewers:  W. Steven Barnett, Ron Haskins, and Arthur J. Reynolds

Teaching Teachers: Professional Development to Improve Student Achievement (PDF)
Summer 2005, Volume 3 Issue 1
Issue Researchers:  Heather Hill and David Cohen
Issue Reviewers:  Hilda Borko, Judith Warren Little, and Virginia Richardson

Closing the Gap: High Achievement for Students of Color (PDF)
Fall 2004, Volume 2 Issue 3
Issue Researcher:  Edmund W. Gordon
Issue Reviewers:  Adam Gamoran, Eugene E. Garcia, Robert J. Sternberg

Teachers Matter: Evidence from Value-Added Assessments (PDF)
Summer 2004, Volume 2 Issue 2
Issue Researcher:  Brian P. Rowan
Issue Reviewers:  Dale Ballou, Mary Kennedy, Haggai Kupermintz, and Daniel McCaffrey

English Language Learners: Boosting Academic Achievement (PDF)
Winter 2004, Volume 2 Issue 1
Issue Researcher:  Catherine E. Snow
Issue Reviewers:  Diane August, Russell Gersten, and Linda Siegel

Class Size: Counting Students Can Count (PDF)
Fall 2003, Volume 1 Issue 2
Issue Researchers:  Jeremy D. Finn and Charles M. Achilles
Issue Reviewers:  David C. Berliner, Eric A. Hanushek, and Larry V. Hedges

Standards and Tests: Keeping Them Aligned (PDF)
Spring 2003, Volume 1 Issue 1
Issue Researcher: Andrew C. Porter
Issue Reviewers:  Joan L. Herman, Suzanne Lane, and Robert L. Linn