Educational Researcher 49:7
Educational Researcher 49:7
October 2020


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Feature Articles

2019 Wallace Foundation Distinguished Lecture: Education Research and the Disruption of Racialized Distortions: Establishing a Wide Angle View
Carla O’Connor
Educational Researcher October 2020 49:7, 470-481

Experimental Effects of “Achievement Gap” News Reporting on Viewers’ Racial Stereotypes, Inequality Explanations, and Inequality Prioritization
David M. Quinn
Educational Researcher October 2020 49:7, 482-492

Prior Problem Behaviors Do Not Account for the Racial Suspension Gap
Francis L. Huang
Educational Researcher October 2020 49:7, 493-502

Toward a Framework for Public Accountability in Education Reform
Ethan Hutt, Morgan S. Polikoff
Educational Researcher October 2020 49:7, 503-511

Cross-Subsidization in Teacher Pension Benefits: Examining Rates of Return Among School Districts​
James V. Shuls, Andrew Tipping
Educational Researcher October 2020 49:7, 512-517

Reviews and Essays

Community Infrastructuring as Necessary Ingenuity in the COVID-19 Pandemic
Day GreenbergAngela Calabrese BartonCarmen Turner, Kelly Hardy, Akeya Roper, Candace Williams, Leslie Rupert Herrenkohl,  Elizabeth A. Davis, Tammy Tasker
Educational Researcher October 2020 49:7, 518-523

Rural English Learner Education: A Review of Research and Call for a National Agenda
Maria R. Coady
Educational Researcher October 2020 49:7, 524-532

Awareness Is Not Enough: A Double-Blind Randomized Controlled Trial of the Effects of Providing Discipline Disproportionality Data Reports to School Administrators
Kent McIntosh, Keith Smolkowski, Cody M. Gion, Lauren Witherspoon, Eoin Bastable, Erik J. Girvan
Educational Researcher October 2020 49:7, 533-537

Brief Reports

Correcting COVID-19 Misconceptions Requires Caution
Greg Trevors, Melissa C. Duffy
Educational Researcher October 2020 49:7, 538-42