Educational Researcher 49:5
Educational Researcher 49:5
June/July 2020


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Feature Articles

Teaching to Support Students With Diverse Academic Needs
David Blazar, Casey Archer
Educational Researcher June/July 2020 49:5, 297-311

The Curious Case of the Missing Tail: Trends Among the Top 1% of School Districts in the United States, 2000–2015
Matthew Gardner Kelly
Educational Researcher June/July 2020 49:5, 312-320

Completion at the Expense of Access? The Relationship Between Performance-Funding Policies and Access to Public 4-Year Universities
Denisa Gándara, Amanda Rutherford
Educational Researcher June/July 2020 49:5, 321-334

The Sensitivity of Teacher Value-Added Scores to the Use of Fall or Spring Test Scores
Allison Atteberry, Daniel Mangan
Educational Researcher June/July 2020 49:5, 335-349


“Houston, We Have a Lawsuit”: A Cautionary Tale for the Implementation of Value-Added Models for High-Stakes Employment Decisions
Mark A. Paige, Audrey Amrein-Beardsley
Educational Researcher June/July 49:5, 350-359

Relocating Research on Teacher Learning: Toward Pedagogically Productive Talk
Adam Lefstein, Dana Vedder-Weiss, Aliza Segal
Educational Researcher June/July 49:5, 360-368

The Imperative of Social Foundations to (Urban) Education Research and Practice
Chezare A. Warren, Terah T. Venzant Chambers
Educational Researcher June/July 49:5, 369-375

Brief Reports

What Do We Know About “Race Unknown”?
Karly Ford, Kelly Rosinger, Qiong Zhu
Educational Researcher June/July 49:5, 376-381

A Matter of Measurement: How Different Ways of Measuring Racial Gaps in School Discipline Can Yield Drastically Different Conclusions About Racial Disparities in Discipline
F. Chris Curran
Educational Researcher June/July 49:5, 382-387