Educational Researcher 49:4
Educational Researcher 49:4
May 2020

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Feature Articles

Accounting for the Corporate: An Analytic Framework for Understanding Corporations in Education
Kathryn Moeller
Educational Researcher May 2020 49:4, 232–240

Interpreting Effect Sizes of Education Interventions
Matthew A. Kraft
Educational Researcher May 2020 49:4, 241-253

When Paywall Goes AWOL: The Demand for Open-Access Education Research
Seth Gershenson, Morgan S. Polikoff, Rui Wang
Educational Researcher May 2020 49:4, 254-261

Social Studies Teacher Perceptions of News Source Credibility
Christopher H. Clark, Mardi Schmeichel, H. James Garrett
Educational Researcher May 2020 49:4, 262-272

Teachers Are People Too: Examining the Racial Bias of Teachers Compared to Other American Adults
Jordan G. Starck, Travis Riddle, Stacey Sinclair, Natasha Warikoo
Educational Researcher May 2020 49:4, 273-284

Policy Forum

The Role of Context in Educational RCT Findings: A Call to Redefine “Evidence-Based Practice”
Avi Kaplan, Jennifer Cromley, Tony Perez, Ting Dai, Kyle Mara, Michael Balsai
Educational Researcher May 2020 49:4, 285-288

Technical Comments

Informing Better Trial Design: A Technical Comment on Lortie-Forgues and Inglis (2019)
Sam Sims
Educational Researcher May 2020 49:4, 289-290

On the Practicality of Extremely Large Educational RCTs
Hugues Lortie-Forgues, Matthew Inglis
Educational Researcher May 2020 49:4, 291-292