Educational Researcher 51:7
Educational Researcher 51:7
October 2022

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Feature Articles


Racial and Socioeconomic Disparities in the Relationship Between Children’s Early Literacy Skills and Third-Grade Outcomes: Lessons From a Kindergarten Readiness Assessment
Walter A. Herring, Daphna Bassok, Anita S. McGinty, Luke C. Miller, James H. Wyckoff
Educational Researcher October 2022 51:7, 441–450

Moving Through the Pipeline: Ethnic and Linguistic Disparities in Special Education from Birth Through Age Five
Lauren M. Cycyk, Stephanie De Anda, Katrina L. Ramsey, Bruce S. Sheppard, Katharine Zuckerman
Educational Researcher October 2022 51:7, 451–464


Transforming the Role of RPPs in Remaking Educational Systems
Ann M. Ishimaru, Filiberto Barajas-López, Min Sun, Keisha Scarlett, Eric Anderson
Educational Researcher October 2022 51:7, 465–473

Culturally Relevant Education as a Professional Responsibility
Hillary Parkhouse, Ejana Bennett, Toshna Pandey, Kristina Lee, Jacqueline Johnson Wilson
Educational Researcher October 2022 51:7, 474–480

Critiquing Racial Literacy: Presenting a Continuum of Racial Literacies
Laura C. Chávez-Moreno
Educational Researcher October 2022 51:7, 481–488

Framing an Ecological Perspective on Teacher Professional Development
Nadav Ehrenfeld
Educational Researcher October 2022 51:7, 489–495


Replicating and Extending Effects of “Achievement Gap” Discourse
David M. Quinn, Tara-Marie Desruisseaux
Educational Researcher October 2022 51:7, 496–499

Test Score Patterns Across Three COVID-19-Impacted School Years
Megan Kuhfeld, James Soland, Karyn Lewis
Educational Researcher October 2022 51:7,  500–506