Educational Researcher 46:9
Educational Researcher 46:9
December 2017

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Special Issue: 

LGBTQ Issues in Education: A Multimethod Research Collection


Editors' Introduction

Introducing a Methodological Research Collection on Pressing Issues for LGBTQ Students
Joseph R. Cimpian and Carolyn D. Herrington
Educational Researcher December 2017 46:9, 495–497.

Feature Articles

Coming Out and Leaving Home: A Policy and Research Agenda for LGBT Homeless Students
William G. Tierney and James Dean Ward
Educational Researcher December 2017 46:9, 498–507.

Gay-Straight Alliances as Settings for Youth Inclusion and Development: Future Conceptual and Methodological Directions for Research on These and Other Student Groups in Schools
V. Paul Poteat, Hirokazu Yoshikawa, Jerel P. Calzo, Stephen T. Russell, and Stacey Horn
Educational Researcher December 2017 46:9508–516.

Classification Errors and Bias Regarding Research on Sexual Minority Youths
Joseph R. Cimpian
Educational Researcher December 2017 46:9517–529.

Queer and Trans Youth, Relational Subjectivity, and Uncertain Possibilities: Challenging Research in Complicated Contexts
Cris Mayo
Educational Researcher December 2017 46:9530–538.

A Ratchet Lens: Black Queer Youth, Agency, Hip Hop, and the Black Ratchet Imagination
Bettina L. Love
Educational Researcher December 2017 46:9, 539–547.

Books et al.

Outing the Politics of Knowledge Production: A Review of LGBTQ Issues in Education: Advancing a Research Agenda
Ed Brockenbrough
Educational Researcher December 2017 46:9, 548–550.

Reviewers for Volume 46
Educational Researcher December 2017 46:9, 551–555.

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