Educational Researcher 46:7
Educational Researcher 46:7
October 2017

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Feature Articles

Representation and Salary Gaps by Race-Ethnicity and Gender at Selective Public Universities
Diyi Li, Cory Koedel
Educational Researcher October 2017 46:7, 343–354.

Relationships Between Instructional Quality and Classroom Management for Beginning Urban Teachers
Andrew Kwok
Educational Researcher October 2017 46:7, 355–365.

Failed Citizenship and Transformative Civic Education
James A. Banks
Educational Researcher October 2017 46:7, 366–377.

The Sensitivity of Teacher Performance Ratings to the Design of Teacher Evaluation Systems
Matthew P. Steinberg, Matthew A. Kraft
Educational Researcher October 2017 46:7, 378–396.

Racial Attitudes of PreK–12 and Postsecondary Educators: Descriptive Evidence From Nationally Representative Data
David M. Quinn
Educational Researcher October 2017 46:7, 397–411.

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