Educational Researcher 33:5
Educational Researcher 33:5
June/July 2004
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Table of Contents

Theme Issue: Disciplinary Knowledge and Quality Education Part I

Editor’s Introduction 
Zeus Leonardo

Reflections on History and Quality Education 
Harvey Kantor and Robert Lowe

Political Science and Education Research: An Exploratory Look at Two Political Science Journals
Marion Orr

Disciplining the Discipline: Anthropology and the Pursuit of Quality Education 
Norma González

Research News and Comment

“So When It Comes Out, They Aren’t That Surprised That It Is There”: Using Critical Race Theory as a Tool of Analysis of Race and Racism in Education
Jessica T. DeCuir and Adrienne D. Dixson

Book Reviews

Liberal-Democratic Theory, Education, and the State
Luis Mirón and Pradeep Dhillon