Inaugural Presentations in the i-Presentation Gallery
Inaugural Presentations in the i-Presentation Gallery

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A Collaborative Ladder to the Future: Principals' Shared Sense-Making Processes Within a Generally Outlined Reform Implementation
Sherry Ganon-Shilon, Ono Academic College; Haim Shaked, Hemdat Hadarom College of Education; Chen Schechter, Bar-Ilan University

A Cross-Institutional Investigation of a Flipped Module on Preservice Teachers' Interest in Computing
Shenghua Zha, University of South Alabama; Yi Jin, Kennesaw State University; Pamela Moore, University of South Alabama; Joe Gaston, University of South Alabama; Wu He, Old Dominion University

A Framework Characterizing How School Librarians Facilitate Informal Making Activities
Aubrey Rogowski, Utah State University; Mimi M. Recker, Utah State University; Victor R. Lee, Stanford University; Kristin Anne Searle, Utah State University

A Longitudinal Case Study of Learning as Identity Exploration
Amanda Barany, Drexel University; Mamta Shah, Elsevier; Hamideh Talafian, Drexel University; Aroutis Nathaniel Foster, Drexel University

A Prismatic Look at Phenomenology
Marni E. Fisher, Saddleback College; Kimiya Sohrab Maghzi, University of Redlands

A Study of Participants' Understanding and Use of the Compassionate Systems Framework
Suchitra Sarda, SEE Learning india

A Visual-Graphical Exploratory Data Analysis Framework for Analyzing Multilevel Data
Shu-Ping Chen, National Cheng Kung University; Chung-Ping Cheng

Acceptance of Evolution and Human Evolution Among Community College Students
Meredith Anne Dorner, Irvine Valley College

Adaptive Cultural Capital Among High School Debaters in Chicago
Karlyn J Gorski, University of Chicago

Adult Social and Emotional Learning and Continuous Improvement: Creating the Conditions for Conversations That Supportively Challenge
Carrie Wilson, Mills College-Mills Teacher Scholars; Sarah Sugarman, Mills College-Mills Teacher Scholars; Beth Levine, West Contra Costa Unified School District; Malia Tayabas Kim, Oakland Unified School District

Afro-Futurism. Revelation, Revolution: Social Justice and the Voices of Afro-Futurism's Digital Generation
Peggy Peattie, University of San Diego

Alternative College Access: An International Pathway to Prestigious U.S. Universities
Shuning Liu, Ball State University

An Analysis of the Crosscutting Concept in Research Articles
Sarah Jennings Fick, University of Virginia; Anna Maria Arias, Kennesaw State University

An Experiment of Young Children's Preferred Text Type for Reading in a Multimodal World
Lauren Eutsler, University of North Texas; Julia Trotter, University of North Texas

An Exploration of College Students' Perspectives on Empathy From Virtual Reality Applications
Jinzhi Zhou, University of Michigan - Ann Arbor; Chris Quintana, University of Michigan; Rebecca M. Quintana, University of Michigan

An Investigation Into the Preparedness of Schools Located in Opioid Crisis Regions of the Northeast
Kathryn A Welby, Merrimack College

Answering the Public Call for Inclusive Postsecondary Education for Students With Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities
Tamara Harper Shetron, Austin Community College

Artificial Intelligence–Enhanced Analytical Collaborations Between Researchers and Educational Stakeholders for Oversight of Multiple Pedagogical Systems
Meng-Leong How, Nanyang Technological University - National Institute of Education; Wei Loong David Hung, Nanyang Technological University - National Institute of Education

Assessing Nonverbal Communication Skills Demonstrated by Medical Students in a Virtual Human Simulation
Timothy Guetterman, University of Michigan; Rae Sakakibara, University of Michigan - Ann Arbor; Frederick W. Kron, University of Michigan - Ann Arbor; Mark W. Scerbo, Old Dominion University; James F. Cleary, Indiana University; Michael Fetters, University of Michigan - Ann Arbor

Barriers and Benefits: An Examination of Practicum Practices for Placement Institutions
Jennifer M Thoma, Drake University; Todd M Hodgkinson, Drake University

Beyond Patterning Ability: Four-Year-Olds' Spontaneous Focusing on Patterns
Nore Wijns, KU Leuven; Bert De Smedt, KU Leuven; Lieven Verschaffel, University of Leuven; Joke Torbeyns, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven

Building on Primary School Students' Funds of Identity to Promote Social and Personal Development
Judith 't Gilde, Universiteit van Amsterdam; Monique L. Volman, Universiteit van Amsterdam,  Research Institute Child Development and Education

Building School Communities That Prepare Youth to Thrive as 21st Century Citizens
Catherine Kramer, University at Albany - SUNY; Amanda J Lester, University at Albany - SUNY; Kristen C. Wilcox, University at Albany - SUNY

Calculating Effect Size Estimates From National Assessment Results to Explore Gender Differences in Reading
Paul Kleinert, Idaho State Department of Education; Marie Therese Julienne; Jennifer Cain, Minnesota Department of Education

Centering Blackness: Culturally Relevant and Sustaining Practices at Historically Black Colleges and Universities
Krystal L. Williams, The University of Alabama; Kiara Summerville, The University of Alabama; Alethia Russell, The University of Alabama

Challenging Our Positionalities as Chicanx Researchers and Activists: Working With and for Communities of Color
Suzanne García-Mateus, California State University - Monterey Bay; Idalia Nunez, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Checking the Boxes on the College Preparation Checklist: Examining Parents Financial Preparation During High School
Catherine M. Millett, ETS; Stephanie Rose Saunders, Educational Testing Service; Marisol Kevelson, Educational Testing Service

Classroom Learning Environment and Student Attitudes Toward Science in a Biology-for-Educators Course
Christopher Sean Long, University of North Texas; Barry J. Fraser, Curtin University; Ruthanne Thompson, University of North Texas; Pamela E. Harrell, University of North Texas; Karthigeyan Subramaniam, University of North Texas

Cogs in the Community : Australian Rural Pathways Advisors
Melyssa Fuqua, Monash University

Community or Efficiency? The Perceived Importance of Community of Inquiry in Online Community College Courses
Penny Marie Thompson, Oklahoma State University; Anthony A. Smith, Oklahoma State University - Oklahoma City; Jeremy O. Jeffery, Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania

Comparing Robustness of Teacher Support Patterns in Response to Dashboard Alerts Using Epistemic Network Analyses
Rachel Fallon Dickler, Rutgers University; Janice Gobert, Rutgers University

Comparison of Three Approaches to Class Enumeration in Growth Mixture Modeling When Time Structures Are Variant Across Latent Classes
Sooyong Lee, The University of Texas at Austin; Tiffany Ann Whittaker, The University of Texas at Austin

Comprehensibility Matters: Effective English Language Arts Instruction in Indiana's Dual-Language Bilingual Education Programs
Wan Hee Kim, Purdue University; Woongsik Choi, Purdue University; Wayne E. Wright, Purdue University; Trish Morita Mullaney, Purdue University

Connecting Mathematics and Social and Political Issues in Mathematics Content Courses for Teachers: Examining Income Distribution
Eva Thanheiser, Portland State University

Cracks in the Continuum: Reasserting Equitable Access of Space for Students With Significant Support Needs
Katie Mae McCabe, University of Wisconsin - Madison; Andrea Ruppar, University of Wisconsin; Jennifer Kurth, The University of Kansas

Creating Time in the Elementary School Day for Computer Science
Kaitlyn A Ferris, University of Chicago; Jeanne Century, University of Chicago; Lisa Milenkovic, Broward County Public Schools

Cruelty, Harm, and Acquiescence: Disability Microaggressions in a University Graduate Program
Theo Ressa, Wayne State University; Scot Danforth, Chapman University

Depressive, Anxious, and Somatic Symptoms and Teacher-Child Relationship Quality in Early Childhood
Brenna Zatto, University of Alberta; Wendy L. G. Hoglund, University of Alberta

Developing a Leadership Lens to Bridge the Arts and Social-Emotional Learning
Marco A. Nava, Los Angeles Unified School District; Imelda Nava-Landeros, University of California - Los Angeles; Jan Kirsch, Inner-City Arts; Susan Ward Roncalli, Los Angeles Unified School District

Developing an Indigenous Cultural Safety Training Impact Assessment Tool in Postsecondary Institutions on Vancouver Island
Paul Whitinui, University of Victoria; Rob Hancock, University of Victoria; Tara Erb, University of Victoria,  BC; Billie Allan, University of Victoria; Charlotte Loppie, University of Victoria,  BC; Jasmine Dionne, University of Victoria,  BC

Development and Use of a Measure for Co-Curricular Learning Experiences
Jaime Maerten-Rivera, University at Buffalo - SUNY; Yichen Zhao, University at Buffalo - SUNY; Nicholas Fusco, University at Buffalo - SUNY; Karl Fiebelkorn, SUNY - Buffalo State; Fred Doloresco, SUNY - Buffalo

Differential Effects of Race/Ethnicity and Socioeconomic Status on Social and Emotional Skills
Yi-Lung Kuo, Beijing Normal University - Hong Kong Baptist University United International College; Alex Casillas, ACT,  Inc.; Kate Walton, ACT,  Inc.; Jason Way, ACT,  Inc.; Joann Moore, ACT,  Inc.

Discourse Analysis of Taiwanese Indigenous Organizations and Government Legislators Negotiating Indigenous Students' Affirmative Action Policy
Yann-Ru Ho, National Yang Ming University

Does Contemporary Children's Literature Support Global Education? Discussion of Possibilities and Challenges
Bogum Yoon, Binghamton University - SUNY

Educating Muslim American Citizens
Munirah Alaboudi, Ibn Haldun University; Charles Glenn, Boston University

Effect of Feedback and Ability on Changes in Metacognitive Monitoring Accuracy
Jason W Morphew, Purdue University

Elementary Teachers' Cognitive Processes and Metacognitive Strategies During Self-Directed Online Learning
Pamela Beach, Queen's University; Jen McConnel, Queen's University - Kingston; Gail Henderson, Queen's University - Kingston

Emotional Presence in Building an Online Learning Community Among Nontraditional Higher Education Students
Mei Jiang, Texas A&M University - Commerce; Katie K. Koo, Texas A&M University - Commerce

Engaging Second Language Teachers in Questions of Culture and Diversity
Sheri K. Dion, University of New Hampshire

Epistemic Emotions in Blended and Online Courses: The Importance of Teachers' Performance and Likeability
Diego Oswaldo Camacho Vega, Universidad Autónoma de Baja California

Equity Levers: What Predicts Credits Earned in Advanced Placement, International Baccalaureate, and Dual-Enrollment Courses?
Catherine M. Millett, ETS; Marisol Kevelson, Educational Testing Service; Stephanie Rose Saunders, Educational Testing Service

Evaluating Social Issues Advocacy in Citizenship Education: Psychometric Robustness in a  Fit for Purpose Frame
Jacob M. Marszalek, University of Missouri - Kansas City; Paul F. Conway, University of Limerick; Joanne O'Flaherty, University of Limerick; Johanna Nilsson, University of Missouri - Kansas City; Ciarán Ó Gallchóir, University of Limerick

Evidence for the Validity and Reliability of Performance Clusters Within the Academic Support Index
David Stevens, University of California - Berkeley

Examining Connections Between Positive Affect and Discourse in a Global, STEM-Focused Digital Makerspace Community
Seung Bok Lee, Pepperdine University; Danielle Pascual Espino, Pepperdine University; Lauren Van Tress, Emory University; Eric R. Hamilton, Pepperdine University

Examining Father-Child Interactions and Discourse During Shared Book Reading With Infants and Toddlers
Cory Campbell, University of Washington - Seattle; Holly Schindler, University of Washington - Seattle

Examining Pedagogical Approaches and Types of Mathematics Knowledge in Educational Games: A Critical Review
Gulsah Kacmaz, McGill University; Adam Kenneth Dubé, McGill University

Examining Relations Between Executive Functions and Decoding in Children: A Meta-Analytic Investigation
Teresa M. Ober, University of Notre Dame; Patricia J. Brooks, City College of New York - CUNY; Bruce Douglas Homer, CUNY Graduate Center

Examining Student Perception of Their Readiness for Online Learning in 2018
Florence Martin, Univ of North Carolina Charlotte; Brandy Stamper, Univeristy of North Carolina Charlotte; Claudia P. Flowers, University of North Carolina - Charlotte

Examining the Relationship Between Psychosocial and Academic Outcomes in Higher Education: A Descriptive Analysis
Elise Swanson, University of Southern California; Tatiana Melguizo, University of Southern California; Paco Martorell, University of California - Davis

Experiences of Middle-Class Muslim Mothers in American Schools: Practices and Challenges While Keeping the Faith
Ayse Cobanoglu, University at Buffalo - SUNY

Exploring an Innovation to Support Preservice Teachers' Video-Based Noticing in the Context of Technology-Enhanced Instructions
Oi-Lam Ng, Chinese University of Hong Kong; To Chan, The Chinese University of Hong Kong

Exploring Culturally Responsive Differentiation Instruction Strategies in School-University Diversity Management Collaboration
Peichang He, The University of Hong Kong; Jessica To, The University of Hong Kong; Alice Nga Wai Tsang, The University of Hong Kong; Angel Mei Yi Lin, Simon Fraser University; Yuen Yi Lo, The University of Hong Kong

Exploring Preservice Teachers' Education for Gender Equality Using the Sensitive Assessment for Gender Equality Index
Cristina Miralles, University of Alicante; Cristina M. Cardona, University of Alicante; Esther Chiner-Sanz, Universidad de Alicante; Marcos Gómez-Puerta, University of Alicante

Exploring School-Based Teacher Collaboration in China: From the Perspective of Socially Shared Regulation Learning
Yanru Hou, East China Normal University; Xiangdong Chen, East China Normal University; chunhong zhou

Exploring Teachers' ESL Strategy Implementation in an Era of Complex Discourse and Pedagogical Language Knowledge
Sumei Wu, Southern Methodist University; Ann Marie Wernick, Southern Methodist University; Diego Xavier Roman, University of Wisconsin - Madison; Paige Ware, Southern Methodist University

Exploring the Relationship Between Theory of Mind and Cognitive Literary Theory: A Conceptual Approach
Laronnda V Thompson, University of Pennsylvania

Exploring the Use of Mathematics Observation Tools Across the Contexts of the United States, Norway, and Finland
Christie Lynn Martin, University of South Carolina - Columbia; Jelena Radišić, , University of Oslo; Roar Bakken Stovner, University of Oslo; Kirsti Klette, University of Oslo; Marte Blikstad-Balas, University of Oslo

Facilitation or Interference? The Role of Pictures in Learners' Calibration of Comprehension
Ying Wang, The Pennsylvania State University - University Park; Rayne A. Sperling, The Pennsylvania State University

Factors Affecting Students' Effort and Achievement in Veterinary College Courses
Meghan K. Byrnes, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University; Brett D. Jones, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University; Mia W. Jones

Factors Associated With Hiring Into School Leadership Positions
Gina Russell DelCorazon, Princeton University

Female Refugee Adolescents Reimagining Their Futures
Munirah Alaboudi, Ibn Haldun University

Formative Assessment and Flexible Differentiation: Addressing Equity and Diversity in a Self-Contained Classroom
Deanna Marie Westedt, University of South Carolina - Columbia

Fostering an Intergenerational Community of Co-Learners of Environmental Sustainability: A Case of the LEAFY Project
Diana J. Arya, University of California - Santa Barbara; JOHN CANO BARRIOS, University of California - Santa Barbara; Sos Nazaryan; Faith Hyun, University of California - Santa Barbara

From Teen Parent to Student Parent: Lessons From Latina Mothers in Higher Education
Giselle Emilia Navarro-Cruz, California State Polytechnic University - Pomona; Brianne Dávila, Cal Poly Pomona

Gender Differences in Preschool Teachers' Disruptions of Play
Minah Nguyen, Bowdoin College; Alison Riley Miller, Bowdoin College

Generating Explanations Is More Helpful Than Practice Testing Alone for Improving Comprehension and Metacomprehension
Tricia Ann Guerrero, University of Illinois at Chicago; Thomas D. Griffin, University of Illinois at Chicago; Jennifer Wiley, University of Illinois at Chicago

Goals and Realities: Multimodal Practices in the Classroom
Carol Doyle-Jones, Niagara University

Heterogeneous Effects of a Comprehensive College Transition Program on Psychosocial Outcomes: Evidence From a Randomized Control Trial
Tatiana Melguizo, University of Southern California; Elise Swanson, University of Southern California; Paco Martorell, University of California - Davis

Higher Education Teachers' Achievement Goals and Subjective Well-Being
Raven Rinas, University of Augsburg; Markus Dresel, Augsburg University; Martin Daumiller, University of Augsburg

How Are Teachers' Professional Development Activities and Professionalism Different in Korea and the United States?
Youngeun An, Seoul National University; Soon Young Oh, Seoul National University

How National Context Indirectly Influences Instructional Leadership Implementation: The Case of Israel
Haim Shaked, Hemdat Hadarom College of Education; Pascale Sarah Benoliel, Bar-Ilan University; Philip Hallinger, Mahidol University

How Student Leaders With Minoritized Identities Navigate Campus Political Contexts in the Trump Era
Maximilian Schuster, University of Pittsburgh

Humanizing Classroom Management as a Core Practice for Teachers of Emergent Bilingual Learners
Johanna M. Tigert, University of Massachusetts - Lowell; Tabitha Kidwell, University of Maryland - College Park; Megan Madigan Peercy, University of Maryland - College Park

I Wanted to Give Back to the Profession : University Supervisors as Volunteers
Sarah Capello, Judson University

Illinois Superintendent Leadership of Nontraditional Teacher Pay: A Qualitative Inquiry of Moral Purpose
Nathan Schilling, Lansing School District 158

Implementing Trauma-Informed Practice in Early Childhood Education: A Multiple-Case Study of Organizational System Change
Anne Douglass, University of Massachusetts - Boston; Rachel Chickerella, University of Massachusetts - Boston; Meredith Maroney, University of Massachusetts - Boston

Improvement Over Time: Adapting Grade 9 On-Track Indicators to Better Target Student Interventions in Connecticut's Context
Stephanie Elise Fakharzadeh, Connecticut RISE Network; Theodore Aronson, Connecticut RISE Network; Victoria Barr, Connecticut RISE Network; Nick Stellitano, Connecticut RISE Network

Improving Metacomprehension and Exam Grades of Students at Risk for Failure via Explanation and Inference Test Instruction
Thomas D. Griffin, University of Illinois at Chicago; Tricia Ann Guerrero, University of Illinois at Chicago; Marta Krystyna Mielicki, University of Illinois at Chicago; Jennifer Wiley, University of Illinois at Chicago

Income, Race, and Achievement Over Time: Comparing the Growth of Academically Advanced Students
Kathryn Brave, Baltimore County Public Schools; Mark J. Fenster, Notre Dame of Maryland University

Influence of Knowledge, Values, and Personal Experience on Socioscientific Reasoning for an Environmental Socioscientific Issue
Heidi Cian, Florida International University

Initial Development of the Teaching Interpersonal Skills (TIPS) for Telehealth Checklist
Beverly W. Henry, Northern Illinois University; Danica Billingsly, Northern Illinois University; Deauna Froneberger, Northern Illinois University; Derryl Block, Northern Illinois University

Integrating Authentic Assessment Into a Problem-Based Learning Course: Instructors' Perspectives and Implementation
Kim H. Koh, University of Calgary; Nadia Delanoy, University of Calgary

Interleaved Practice May Not Be Effective for Working Memory Replenishment
Ouhao Chen, National Institute of Education - Nanyang Technological University; Juan Cristobal Castro-Alonso, Universidad de Chile,  Center for Advanced Research in Education; Endah Retnowati, Universitas Negeri Yogyakarta; Jian Ann Wong, Nanyang Technological University; Fred Paas, Erasmus University Rotterdam

International Student Teaching: A Bourdieuian Analysis of the Program and Teacher Candidates
Danielle M. Carrier, University of Georgia - Athens

Investigating How a Yearlong, Content-Based Professional Development Program Impacts Teachers' Teaching Efficacy and Student Achievement
Xiaobo She, Governors State University

Investigating the Influence of School-Based Assessors on Improving School Quality
Amisha Modi, Adhyayan Quality Education Services; Susan L. Hillman, Saginaw Valley State University

Is Collaboration a Necessary Component of Problem-Based Learning?
Angela M. O'Donnell, Rutgers University; Christopher Manente, GSAPP/Rutgers University

K–12 Teachers' Technology Adoption to Promote Equitable Learning: A Literature Review
Yin Hong Cheah, The University of Texas at Austin; Joan E. Hughes, The University of Texas at Austin

Learning From Science Texts: The Contribution of Inhibitory Mechanisms in Relation to Text Type
Lucia Mason, University of Padova; Erika Borella; Irene-Anna Diakidoy, University of Cyprus; Reese Butterfuss, University of Minnesota - Twin Cities; Panayiota Kendeou, University of Minnesota; Barbara Carretti, University of Padova

LEARNing Landscapes
Lynn Butler-Kisber, McGill University; Mary Stewart, LEARN

Learning to Teach for Social Justice in an Ed.D. Program
Darla Linville, Augusta University; Do-Hong Kim, Wayne State University

Limited Social Attention in Toddlers With Autism Spectrum Disorders During Joint Attention Bids
Selda Ozdemir, Hacettepe University; Isik Bulbul, Gazi University

Literary Education in Church Universities and Social Transition in Modern China
Yu Wang, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Looking Into Gateway: Expectancy-Value Profiles Predict Undergraduates' Intent to Persist in Physics After Introductory Course
Yannan Gao, University of California - Irvine; Anna-Lena Dicke, University of California,  Irvine; Nayssan Safavian, University of California - Irvine; Jacquelynne S Eccles, University of California - Irvine

Making Sense While Collaboratively Steering Through the Fog: Principals' Metaphors Within a National Reform Implementation
Sherry Ganon-Shilon, Ono Academic College; Chen Schechter, Bar-Ilan University

Mapping Key Instructional Practices for Equity in Personalized Learning
Gerald Dryer, University of Wisconsin - Madison; Changhee Lee, University of Wisconsin - Madison; Arlene Strikwerda, University of Wisconsin - Madison; Jessica Arrigoni, University of Wisconsin - Madison; Richard R. Halverson, University of Wisconsin - Madison

Measuring and Examining L2 Motivational Self-System and L2 Achievement Among Korean EFL Learners
Weonjin Shin, Texas A&M University - College Station; Fuhui Tong, Texas A&M University - College Station

Measuring Elementary Teachers' Metalinguistic Awareness: Early Results for a New Online Measure
Mary Northey, University of Washington; Deborah E. Mccutchen, University of Washington; Elizabeth A. Sanders, University of Washington; Erin Lane, University of Washington - Seattle; Heather Tiffany Hebard, University of Washington - Seattle

Measuring the Video-Driven Discussion Engagement Using Item Response Theory Model
Yi Chen, Columbia University; Patricia Behar, Teachers College,  Columbia University; Xiang Liu, Educational Testing Service; Hui Soo Chae, Teachers College,  Columbia University; Gary J. Natriello, Teachers College,  Columbia University

Mid-Career Faculty and Integrated Scholarship in Public Comprehensive Universities
Anne Marie DeFelippo, Salem State University; Jay R. Dee, University of Massachusetts Boston

Misbehaving Toddler or Moody Teenager: Examining the Maturity of the Field of K–12 Online Learning
Michael Kristopher Barbour, Touro University - California

More Than a Village. Social Capital and Students Educational Outcomes: Findings From a Longitudinal Study
Emiola Oyefuga, Virginia Commonwealth University

Moving Toward the Gynocene: Exploring the Intersection of Feminism, Environmentalism, and Education Through Collective Biography
Lisa Siegel, Southern Cross University

Mutual Benefits of STEM Research Partnerships Between Two- and Four-Year Postsecondary Institutions
Ahlam Lee, Xavier University; JINWOO HWANG, The Ohio State University

Narrative as Cultural Representation: Analyzing Japanese Language Learners' Stories From the Perspective of Coherence and Cohesion
Masahiko Minami, San Francisco State University

National Picture of the Self-Determination Characteristics of Secondary School English Learners With Disabilities
Lynn A. Newman, SRI International; Elisa B. Garcia, SRI International; Audrey A. Trainor, New York University; Melanie Chong, San Jose State University

Need for Tackling the Gap for Cultural Responsiveness in Language Teaching for Refugee Students in Turkey
Abdullah Atmacasoy, Middle East Technical University; Hanife Akar, Middle East Technical University

Net.Create: Network Analysis in Collaborative Co-Construction of Historical Context in a Large Undergraduate Classroom
Kalani L Craig, Indiana University - Bloomington; Joshua Adam Danish, Indiana University; Haesol Bae, Indiana University - Bloomington; Maksymilian Szostalo; Megan Alyse Humburg, Indiana University - Bloomington; Cindy E. Hmelo-Silver, Indiana University; Ann McCranie, Indiana University - Bloomington

Nongovernmental Organization Involvement in the Implementation of Education Policy in Israel: The Perceptions of Nongovernmental Organization Executives
Yarden Gali, Talpiot College of Education; Chen Schechter, Bar-Ilan University; Haim H. Gaziel, Bar-Ilan University

Online Course Multitasking: University Students' Cellphone Use Behaviors, Media Ownership, and Polychronicity
Ahlam Alghamdi, Kent State University - Kent; Aryn C. Karpinski, Kent State University - Kent; Andrew Lepp, Kent State University; Jacob Barkley, Kent State University

Parent-Child Co-Regulation and Young Children's Physiological Response to Receiving Negative Adult Feedback on a Frustration Task
Emma Armstrong-Carter, Stanford University; Michael Sulik, Stanford University; Jelena Obradović, Stanford University

Participative Co-Creation: Engaging the Engineering Ambassador Community in the Development of a Research Agenda Workshop
Sandra Rodegher, Boston University; Stacey Freeman, Boston University

Pathways to Science Careers: Exploring Perceptions of Science Educators and Professionals Toward Being a Scientist
Sarah Ferguson, Rowan University; Lesa Givens, Rowan University

Pedagogies of Liberation: Diffractive Documentation Practices on More-Than-Human and Human Movements
Will Parnell, Portland State University; Elizabeth P. Quintero, California State University - Channel Islands; Angela Molloy-Murphy, Portland State University

Peer-Assisted Learning Strategy to Address Reading Challenges in an Elementary Student With Autism Spectrum Disorder
Juliet E. Hart Barnett, Arizona State University; Cean Colord, Whittier College

Perceptual Inhibitors of Instructional Leadership in Israeli Principals
Haim Shaked, Hemdat Hadarom College of Education

Personalizing Learning Through the Lenses of Complex Dynamic Systems Theory and Universal Design for Learning
Ling Zhang, The University of Kansas; James Basham, The University of Kansas; Richard Allen Carter, University of Wyoming; Sohyun Yang, The University of Kansas

Physicians in the Making: Keys to Quality Workplace Learning Toward the Medical Profession During Clerkship
Sheila Shu-Ling Huang, Kaohsiung Medical University

Pilot Results of a Digital Manipulative for Elementary Mathematics
Jennifer Light Cross, Tufts University; Bambi Brewer, BirdBrain Technologies,  LLC; Emily Hamner, Carnegie Mellon University; Lauren Zito, Carnegie Mellon University; Samantha Speer, Carnegie Mellon University; Michael Tasota, Carnegie Mellon University

Policy Shifts and Unintended Consequences: Preparing the Underprepared for a Yearlong Student Teacher Residency Requirement
Margaret-Mary Sulentic Dowell, Louisiana State University; Cynthia Fontcuberta DiCarlo, Louisiana State University; Sassy C. Wheeler, Louisiana State University

Post-Hurricane Schooling in Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands and an Adapted Hierarchy of Needs
James F Lane, University of Phoenix; Shaquanah Robinson, University of Phoenix; Alyncia M Bowen, Franklin University; Denise Rattigan, University of Phoenix; Belinda J. Moses, Wayne County Community College

Pre-College Factors of STEM Major Choices: Analyzing the High School Longitudinal Study of 2009
Yuting Li, American Institutes for Research; Charles Yeomans, American Institutes for Research; Colleen Marie Gaffney, American Institutes for Research

Predictive Validity Attributes of Teacher Entrance Exams in Mexico: Lessons and Implications for Teacher Evaluation
Mariana Barragan, University of California - Los Angeles

Preparing Preservice Teachers for Classroom Management With the Use of Online Case-Based Instruction Strategies
Zafer Unal, University of South Florida - St. Petersburg; Aslihan Unal, Georgia Southern University

Preservice and Middle School Mathematics Teachers' Perceptions of Interleaved Mathematics Practice
Robert F. Dedrick, University of South Florida; Doug Rohrer, University of South Florida; Marissa Hartwig, University of South Florida; Chi Ngai Cheung, University of South Florida

Preservice Teachers' Perception of Technology Competencies Based on the New Technology Standards
Eun-Ok Baek, California State University - San Bernardino; Younghoon Sung, Chinju National University of Education

Productive Failure: An Alternative to Pedagogical Sequence in EFL Learning
Puji Rahayu, The University of Sydney,  Universitas Islam Indonesia; Michael J. Jacobson, The University of Sydney

Professional Readiness Opportunities: Innovative Program to Create New Federal Work-Study Culture in an Urban-Serving University
Dea Marx, University of Missouri - Kansas City

Promoting Learners' Willingness to Communicate and Communicative Performance With Online Video Discussion
Nadia Jaramillo Cherrez, Oregon State University

Psychometric Properties of the Copenhagen Burnout Inventory in a U.S. Sample of Health Care Employees
Carol R. Thrush, University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences; Timothy Atkinson, University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences; Molly M Gathright, University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences; Erick L Messias, University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences; James A Clardy, University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences

Question Chains: Effective Way for Student Teachers to Promote Science Talk in the Inquiry-Based Classroom
Boyin Chen, East China Normal University; Xinning Pei, East China Normal University; Gang Zhu, East China Normal University

Realizing Conventional and Novel Conceptual Blends for Time-Telling Through Multimodal Instruction
Bob Williams, Lawrence University

Relationship Between Implementation and Reading Achievement for Schools Implementing a Multitiered System of Supports Framework
Tammiee S. Dickenson, University of South Carolina - Columbia

Relationships Between Students' Responses to Feedback, Initial Motivational States, and Decisions About Next Steps
Angela M. Lui, University at Albany – SUNY; Heidi L. Andrade, University at Albany - SUNY

Rent-Seeking, Teacher Voice, and Progressive Coalition-Building: The Effects of Restrictive State Labor Policies
Melissa A Lyon, Teachers College,  Columbia University

Resilience in Children of Immigrants: Protective Factors and Academic Achievement
Kathleen Yu, University of California - Berkeley

Scale to Evaluate Democratic School Management With the Use of Item Response Theory
Maristelee Barbosa de Oliveira, Secretaria de Estado da Educação de Santa Catarina; Silvana Ligia Vincenzi Bortolotti, Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina (UFSC); Lizandra da Silva Menegon, Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina (UFSC); Dalton F. Andrade, Federal University of Santa Catarina; Adriano F. Borgatto, Federal University of Santa Catarina

Schooling After a Disaster: Examining the Extent Schools Bounce Back Following Hurricanes Harvey and Matthew
Cassandra R. Davis, University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill; Joseph Patrick Shields, Gibson Consulting Group

Secondary Mathematics Teacher Preparedness and Selection Criteria, Program Training, and Fieldwork
William Viviani, University of Maryland - College Park; Andrew M. Brantlinger, University of Maryland

Seemingly Influential, yet Largely Invisible: The Paradox of the  Student-Driven  Chilean Higher Education Model
Stephen Darwin, Universidad Alberto Hurtado

Sense, Paradox, and Nonsense in Relationships Within Assemblages of Early Childhood Teaching
Alison Margaret Warren, Te Rito Maioha Early Childhood New Zealand

Situated Learning and Technology-Based Doctoral Program Design and Mentoring: Comparison of Part-Time and Full-Time Doctoral Students
Shaoan Zhang, University of Nevada - Las Vegas; Chengcheng Li, University of Nevada - Las Vegas; Mark Carroll, University of Nevada - Las Vegas

Smartpen Technology for Students With Learning Disabilities
Joseph Boyle, Temple University

Social-Emotional Learning Foundations for K–1 Students at Risk for Emotional and Behavioral Disorder: Findings From a Three-Year Randomized Controlled Trial
Ann P. Daunic, University of Florida; Nancy Corbett, University of Florida; James Algina, University of Florida; Stephen W. Smith, University of Florida; Delaney Boss, University of Florida

Something Close to Their Heart: Using Where I'm From Poems to Develop Linguistically Responsive Teachers
Laura Jeanne Quaynor, Johns Hopkins University; Berenice Diaz, East Maine School District 63

Special and Non-Special People: Students With Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities Explore Belonging Within School
Emily Van Gaasbeek, University of Massachusetts - Boston; Holly Jacobs, University of Massachusetts - Boston; Natalie Gwendolyn May, University of Massachusetts - Boston

Stealing From Students: Understanding Fraud in Education
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STEM Equity: Building an Action Research Agenda for Assessing Long-Term Outcomes of Girl-Focused STEM Programs
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Stereotypes Contribute to Gender Imbalances in STEM Fields
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Strengthening the Dialogue Between In-Service Teachers and Researchers: Envisioning More Effective Teaching Practices in Participatory Engagement
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Student Beliefs About Information Literacy Skills: Search Engines, Social Media, and Assessing Accuracy
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Students' Perspective on Simulation for Psychiatric Nurse Training
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Successful Interdisciplinary Teamwork in Medical Education: An Ethnographic Case Study Revealing Leader Contributions to Inclusiveness
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Supporting English Language Learners as Knowledge-Builders in Collaborative Science Classrooms
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Supporting the Needs of General Education Teachers of English Language Learners
Jillian M. Rocchio, Notre Dame of Maryland University

Systematic Review of Adaptive Learning Research From 2009 to 2018
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Teacher Autonomy Perspectives in Education
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Teacher Perceptions of Changes to Literacy Instruction After Professional Development in Science
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Teacher-Student Dialogue in Large Class Teaching: Does It Have Impact on Students' Scientific Reasoning?
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Teachers' Ethical Meaning-Making: Navigating Four Continua of Tensions
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Teaching Resilience Online to Both Aspiring Teachers and Future Citizens
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Technology and Special Education: An Observation Protocol for Inclusive Classrooms
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TESOL Teachers' Grapple With Native-Speakerism: An Exploratory Study on Language Ideologies
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The Affordances of Haiku as a Multimodal Text
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The Challenges of Planning, Enacting, and Assessing Critical Thinking
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The Factors That Contribute Students' Retention in E-Learning: A Structural Equation Modeling Analysis
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The Preliminary Exploration on the Effects of Infusing Scientific Imagination Process in Engineering College
Hsiao-Chi Ho, Providence University; Ying-Yao Cheng, National Sun Yat-Sen University; ying-tze Chen; Min-Ju Liu, National Sun Yat-sen University

The Relationship Wasn't Built Overnight: Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program–Education (SNAP-Ed) Community Partners' Collaboration With Schools to Achieve Collective Impact
Erin Cassar, School District of Philadelphia; Elisabeth Fornaro, The School District of Philadelphia; Soula Servello, School District of Philadelphia; Ashley Tanz, School District of Philadelphia; Catherine Tkatch, School District of Philadelphia

The Role of Cultural Identity in Language Learning for International Students in the United States
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The Role of Job Fit in Teacher Migration
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The Understanding of Intercultural Competence: A Case Study at the University of Toronto
Kim Duong, University of Toronto; Leping Mou, University of Toronto; Ivan Nguyen, University of Toronto; Nisha Uthayakumaran, University of Toronto

Think Before You Act: Thinking Time Contributes to Math Problem-Solving Efficiency
Jenny Yun-Chen Chan, Worcester Polytechnic Institute; Katharine B. Sawrey, Worcester Polytechnic Institute; Taylyn Hulse, Worcester Polytechnic Institute; Erin R Ottmar, Worcester Polytechnic Institute

Thrilling Travel or Lonesome Long Haul? Loneliness and Acculturation Behavior of German Sojourners Abroad
Juan Serrano-Sánchez, Fernuniversität in Hagen; Julia Zimmermann; Kathrin Jonkmann, Fernuniversität in Hagen

Through Their Lenses: Arab Students' Environmental Documentation and Action
Rawia Hayik, Sakhnin College

Toward a Curriculum for Reconciliation Through Place-Based Education: Documenting a Whole School's Blackfoot Learning Journey
Stephanie Bartlett, University of Calgary; Randy Bottle, University of Calgary and Calgary Board of Education; Cindy White, Calgary Board of Education

Toward Understanding the Factors Underlying Ethical Behavior of Teachers
Vicki Napper, Weber State University; Shirley Dawson, Weber State University

Train-the-Parent-Trainer: Preparing Families for Transition Planning Process of Their Youth With Disabilities
Lusa Lo, University of Massachusetts - Boston

Treatment Fidelity in the Applied Setting: The Hard Truth
Elaine Wilson, University of Pittsburgh - Johnstown

Undergraduate Experiences of the Research/Teaching Nexus Across the Student Life Cycle
Tom W Clark, University of Sheffield; Rita Hordosy, University of Nottingham

Understanding Others and Otherness Through Early Traumatic Memories
Burhanettin Keskin, University of Mississippi

Using a Pedagogical Agent to Deliver Conversational-Styled Instruction: What Benefits Can You Obtain?
Lijia Lin, East China Normal University; Paul W. Ginns, The University of Sydney

Using Geographic Information System Technology to Map and Identify Vacant Properties and Their Proximity to Elementary Schools
Marc James Freeman, Temple University

Using Research Knowledge: Immigrant South Asian Female Graduate Students as Knowledge Mobilization Agents
Fatema Rehana Hossain, University of Toronto

Using Simulations and Games in a System of Multidimensional Science Assessments
Matt Silberglitt, WestEd; Kim Luttgen, WestEd; Andrew Grillo-Hill, WestEd; Daniel Brenner, WestEd

Using the Claim, Evidence, Reasoning Framework for Supporting Idea Synthesis in STEM Lessons
Sarah Jennings Fick, University of Virginia; Nonye Alozie, SRI International; Jennifer L. Chiu, University of Virginia; Kevin McElhaney, Digital Promise

Visual Citizenship
Angelo Joseph Letizia, Notre Dame University of Maryland

Volunteer Outcomes: The Consequences of Volunteering in a Youth Development Program
Steven Worker, University of California Cooperative Extension; Car Mun Kok, University of California - Agriculture and Natural Resources; Dorina Espinoza, University of California - Agriculture and Natural Resources; JoLynn Miller, University of California - Agriculture and Natural Resources; Charles Go, University of California - Agriculture and Natural Resources

What Do Kids Want to Talk About? Middle School Discussions About Contemporary Art
Connie Stewart, University of Northern Colorado

What's Your Hypothesis? Influence of Topic, Ethnicity, and Gender on Fourth Graders' Science Performance
Susannah Sandrin, Arizona State University - West; Katherine Short-Meyerson, University of Wisconsin Oshkosh; Christopher Edwards, University of Wisconsin - Oshkosh; Rosa Quinones-Diaz, Arizona State University

When a Mathematical Argument Turns Into a Turf Battle: Unanticipated Enactments of Agency and Authority
Jennifer L. Ruef, University of Oregon; Michelle Lo, Stanford University

When Does Multimedia Lead to Illusions of Comprehension?
Jennifer Wiley, University of Illinois at Chicago; Tim George, University of Illinois at Chicago; Thomas D. Griffin, University of Illinois at Chicago

Why Read? Examining Expectations and Messages About Summer Reading in Middle School
Lauren Capotosto, College of the Holy Cross; William Walker, College of the Holy Cross

Working Memory Load and Automaticity in Relation to Problem Solving in Engineering Students: Two Applications
Yi Ding, Fordham University; Qian Wang, Manhattan College; Jolene Trimm, Fordham University