Educational Researcher 52:3
Educational Researcher 52:3
April 2023

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Feature Articles

Mixed Signals? Economically (Dis)advantaged Students’ College Attendance Under Mandatory College and Career Readiness Assessments
Christian Michael Smith, Noah Hirschl
Educational Researcher April 2023 52:3, 131–143

Persistence of Poverty: How Measures of Socioeconomic Status Have Changed Over Time
Kody Long, Rachel Renbarger
Educational Researcher April 2023 52:3, 144–154

Meal Vouchers Matter for Academic Attainment: A Community College Field Experiment
Katharine M. Broton, Milad Mohebali, Sara Goldrick-Rab
Educational Researcher April 2023 52:3, 155–163


Classroom Data Visualization: Tracking Individuals During Group-Centered Instruction
Martha B. Makowski, Sarah Theule Lubienski
Educational Researcher April 2023 52:3, 164–169

The Relationship Between Varying Levels of Online Enrollment and Degree Completion
Justin C. Ortagus
Educational Researcher April 2023 52:3, 170–173

Policy Forum

What Counts as a Minority-Serving Institution? Toward the Utilization of a Standardized and Uniform Definition and Typology
Mike Hoa Nguyen, Joseph J. Ramirez, Sophia Laderman
Educational Researcher April 2023 52:3, 174–179

Technical Comments

Benchmarking a Misnomer: A Note on “Interpreting Effect Sizes in Education Interventions”
Adrian Simpson
Educational Researcher April 2023 52:3, 180–182

The Effect-Size Benchmark That Matters Most: Education Interventions Often Fail
Matthew A. Kraft
Educational Researcher April 2023 52:3, 183–187