Educational Researcher 45:8
Educational Researcher 45:8
November 2016

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Feature Articles

Seasonal Dynamics of Academic Achievement Inequality by Socioeconomic Status and Race/Ethnicity: Updating and Extending Past Research With New National Data
David M. Quinn, North Cooc, Joe McIntyre, and Celia J. Gomez
Educational Researcher November 2016 45:8 443–453.

Anatomy of an Evidence Base
David B. Malouf and Juliana M. Taymans
Educational Researcher November 2016 45:8 454–459.


Missing Elements in the Discussion of Teacher Shortages
James Cowan, Dan Goldhaber, Kyle Hayes, and Roddy Theobald
Educational Researcher November 2016 45:8 460–462.


Books et al.

A Growing Chasm of Opportunity for American Children: A Review of Putnam (2015)
Steven R. Yussen, Tom Allen, Sarah Cronin, Carolyn Dienhart, Meredith Martyr, Wei Song, and Nicolaas VanMeerten
Educational Researcher November 2016 45:8 463–465.

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