Educational Researcher 44:8
Educational Researcher 44:8
November 2015

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Table of Contents

Feature Articles

2015 AERA Distinguished Lecture: College in Prison: A Cause in Need of Advocacy and Research
Ellen Condliffe Lagemann
Educational Researcher November 2015 44: 415-420.

Crossing the Border? Exploring the Cross-State Mobility of the Teacher Workforce
Dan Goldhaber, Cyrus Grout, Kristian L. Holden, and Nate Brown
Educational Researcher November 2015 44: 421-431.

Gender Gaps in High School Students’ Homework Time
Seth Gershenson and Stephen B. Holt
Educational Researcher November 2015 44: 432-441.


Balancing Liberty and Equality: Justice Kennedy’s Decisive Vote in Fisher v. University of Texas, Part II
Liliana M. Garces
Educational Researcher November 2015 44: 442-447.

Official Documents

AERA Statement on Use of Value-Added Models (VAM) for the Evaluation of Educators and Educator Preparation Programs
Educational Researcher November 2015 44: 448-452.
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