Educational Researcher 43:5
Educational Researcher 43:5
June/July 2014

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Table of Contents

Feature Articles

Teachers Choosing Rich Tasks: The Moderating Impact of Technology on Student Learning, Enjoyment, and Preparation
Peter Aubusson, Paul Burke, Sandy Schuck, Matthew Kearney, and Bart Frischknecht
Educational Researcher June/July 2014 43: 219-229

Intended and Unintended Effects of State-Mandated High School Science and Mathematics Course Graduation Requirements on Educational Attainment
Andrew D. Plunk, William F. Tate, Laura J. Bierut, and Richard A. Grucza
Educational Researcher June/July 2014 43: 230-241

Evidence-Based Practices in a Changing World: Reconsidering the Counterfactual in Education Research
Christopher J. Lemons, Douglas Fuchs, Jennifer K. Gilbert, and Lynn S. Fuchs
Educational Researcher June/July 2014 43: 242-252

Common Structural Design Features of Rubrics May Represent a Threat to Validity
Stephen Mark Humphry and Sandra Allison Heldsinger
Educational Researcher June/July 2014 43: 253-263
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