Educational Researcher 43:4
Educational Researcher 43:4
May 2014

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Table of Contents

Feature Articles

Inaccurate Estimation of Disparities Due to Mischievous Responders: Several Suggestions to Assess Conclusions
Joseph P. Robinson-Cimpian
Educational Researcher May 2014 43: 171-185

The Expanding Role of Philanthropy in Education Politics
Sarah Reckhow and Jeffrey W. Snyder
Educational Researcher May 2014 43: 186-195


“I Am Working-Class”: Subjective Self-Definition as a Missing Measure of Social Class and Socioeconomic Status in Higher Education Research
Mark Rubin, Nida Denson, Sue Kilpatrick, Kelly E. Matthews, Tom Stehlik, and David Zyngier
Educational Researcher May 2014 43: 196-200

The Role of the Intellectual in Eliminating the Effects of Poverty: A Response to Tierney
Jimmy Scherrer
Educational Researcher May 2014 2014 43: 201-207

Books et al.

Toward an Optimal Learning Environment: Studies of Engagement at the Moment of Instruction
Sean Kelly
Educational Researcher May 2014 208-210

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