<i>Educational Researcher </i>42:1
Educational Researcher 42:1
January/February 2013

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Table of Contents

Inaugural Editorial
Carolyn C. Herrington and Vivian L. Gadsden

Feature Articles

Colorizing Educational Research: African American Life and Schooling as an Exemplar
Carla R. Monroe 

Beyond the "National Container": Addressing Methodological Nationalism in Higher Education Research
Riyad A. Shahjahan and Adrianna J. Kezar


A Systemic View of Implementing Data Literacy in Educator Preparation
Ellen B. Mandinach and Edith S. Gummer

Computational Thinking in K–12: A Review of the State of the Field
Shuchi Grover and Roy Pea 


Upping the Ante of Text Complexity in the Common Core State Standards: Examining Its Potential Impact on Young Readers
Elfrieda H. Hiebert and Heidi Anne E. Mesmer