Educational Researcher 42:6
Educational Researcher 42:6
August/September 2013
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Table of Contents

Feature Articles

2013 AERA Presidential Address
Beyond the Ivory Tower: The Role of the Intellectual in Eliminating Poverty

William G. Tierney
Educational Researcher 2013 42: 295–303.

Different Teachers, Different Peers: The Magnitude of Student Sorting
Within Schools

Demetra Kalogrides and Susanna Loeb
Educational Researcher 2013 42: 304–316.

Infusing Neuroscience Into Teacher Professional Development
Janet M. Dubinsky, Gillian Roehrig, and Sashank Varma
Educational Researcher 2013 42: 317–329.

Who Would Stay, Who Would Be Dismissed? An Empirical Consideration
of Value-Added Teacher Retention Policies

Marcus A. Winters and Joshua M. Cowen
Educational Researcher 2013 42: 330–337.

The Impact of Uncapping of Mandatory Retirement on Postsecondary

Sharon L. Weinberg and Marc A. Scott
Educational Researcher 2013 42: 338–348.


Leading via Teacher Evaluation: The Case of the Missing Clothes?
Joseph Murphy, Philip Hallinger, and Ronald H. Heck
Educational Researcher 2013 42: 349–354.