Educational Researcher 42:5
Educational Researcher 42:5
June/July 2013

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Table of Contents

Feature Articles

Is the Sky Falling? Grade Inflation and the Signaling Power of Grades 
Evangeleen Pattison, Eric Grodsky, and Chandra Muller
Educational Researcher 2013 42: 259-265.

Critical Pedagogy Enacted in the Gay–Straight Alliance: New Possibilities for a Third Space in Teacher Development
J. B. Mayo, Jr.
Educational Researcher 2013 42: 266-275.


Recent Trends in Intergovernmental Relations: The Resurgence of Local Actors in Education Policy
Julie A. Marsh and Priscilla Wohlstetter
Educational Researcher 2013 42: 276-283.

Book Review

Strengthening Connections Between Education and Training 
Sigmund Tobias
Educational Researcher 2013 42: 284-286.