<i>Educational Researcher</i> 41:9
Educational Researcher 41:9
December 2012

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Table of Contents

Feature Articles
    Are Minority Children Disproportionately Represented in Early Intervention and Early Childhood Special Education? 
    Paul L. Morgan, George Farkas, Marianne M. Hillemeier, and Steve Maczuga

    Measuring Learning Outcomes in Higher Education: Motivation Matters
    Ou Lydia LiuBrent Bridgemanand Rachel M. Adler

    Special Section: Mobility and Homelessness in School-Aged Children

    Introduction to Special Section

    Ann S. Masten
    Janette E. Herbers, J. J. Cutuli, Laura M. Supkoff, David Heistad, Chi-Keung Chan, Elizabeth Hinz, and Ann S. Masten
    Ann S. Masten, Janette E. Herbers, Christopher David Desjardins, J. J. Cutuli, Christopher M. McCormick, Julianna K. Sapienza, Jeffrey D. Long, 
    and Philip David Zelazo
    Adam Voight, Marybeth Shinn, and Maury Nation
    John W. Fantuzzo, Whitney A. LeBoeuf, Chin-Chih Chen, Heather L. Rouse, and Dennis P. Culhane

    John C. Buckner