Educational Researcher 32:1
Educational Researcher 32:1
January/February 2003

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Theme Issue: The Role of Design in Educational Research
Anthony E. Kelly, Guest Editor

Research as Design

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Anthony E. Kelly

Design-Based Research: An Emerging Paradigm for Educational Inquiry

The Design-Based Research Collective

Design Experiments in Educational Research
Paul Cobb, Jere Confrey, Andrea diSessa, Richard Lehrer, and Leona Schauble

Design Experiments and Laboratory Approaches to Learning: Steps Toward Collaborative Exchange 
Bruce D. McCandliss, Mindy Kalchman, and Peter Bryant

How Design Experiments Can Inform a Rethinking of Transfer and Vice Versa
Joanne Lobato

The Role of Design in Research: The Integrative Learning Design Framework
Brenda Bannan-Ritland

On the Science of Education Design Studies
Richard J. Shavelson, D. C. Phillips, Lisa Towne, and Michael J. Feuer

Exploring Modeling Aspects of Design Experiments
Finbarr C. Sloane and Stephen Gorard

Clinical Design Sciences: A View From Sister Design Efforts
Raul Zaritsky, Anthony E. Kelly, Woodie Flowers, Everett Rogers, and Patrick O’Neill

Master Reference List

Book Reviews

Thinking About Asian Americans
Keith Osajima

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Annual Meeting 2003 Theme and Highlights
Professional Development and Training Courses 
Update and Classifieds